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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sarah (Shilo) and Mark's Wedding!

After waking up 40 minutes late, Lydia and I still managed to get the camp packed up and leave just on time to head to our friend Shilo's wedding.  Shilo was my first college roommate, and Lydia and I actually met each other through her. She was at Converse for two years before she transferred, and the three of us had some really good times.
Lydia, Shilo, and I!
She'd done us the honor of asking us to be bridesmaids, so we definitely couldn't be late! She knew about our camping trip, and had told us it would be fine if we got there with only ten or fifteen minutes to spare. Still, we made sure to leave so that the gps was telling us our ETA was half an hour early.  Which was a very good thing.

Lydia's car has a rattle, apparently, which means that she sometimes has to drive a little slow.  So we lost a few minutes from that. Then the gps told us to make a 'slight left' and we turned actual left, which caused us to lose a few more.  Then the gps tells us to turn... in a Food Lion (grocery store) parking lot?  Confused, we try to follow it and it says "Arriving at destination"...

In a Food Lion parking lot!!
The ceremony space
We called Shilo, and found we were only a mile away, so we got there with ten minutes to spare. The ceremony took place at "The Lakehouse", a community building in her grandparents' housing neighborhood.  It was lovely.  After some intense hugging, bouquets were thrust into our arms and out we processed. The ceremony was very sweet, though unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share because we didn't have time to find someone to take pictures for us.  Mark, the groom, had written a poem for his vows and Shilo's were heartfelt declarations about marrying her friend. For the most part it was secular, but Shilo is Jewish, and they did the traditional breaking of the glass. However, their unique twist on it was that it was a coca cola glass.
The lake view from the ceremony
After the ceremony we settled into a long photo shoot. One fun moment was when Mark and his family were being photographed, Shilo turned to us and said there were little frogs everywhere near the lake and the three of us crouched down in our wedding finery to find one. Totally reminded me of our Converse days!
Some of the photo shooting

The little frog (it's about the size of a dime)
The reception was held at a restaurant they had rented out for the day.  The family and bridal party were announced as we came in (I was "The Beautiful Pam") which was a surprise to Lydia and I.  The rest of the guests had apparently been having fruit and cheese whilst we were being photographed, to which Lydia and I promptly helped ourselves.  Lydia was charmed immediately by the watermelo'lantern (okay, I made that word up.)
The watermelo'lantern!
The couple's first dance.
Shilo and Mark had their first dance, and then the buffet opened.  The food was delicious.  I had broccolini for the first time, and it was quite good.  I also adored the potatoes. Since Shilo is vegan (but Mark's a meat eater like me) I did wonder if they'd go vegetarian, but they had salmon and roast beef, in addition to several generous vegetarian options.
Shilo and Mark dancing.
The Happy Couple
I got excited by the ferns on the curtains. The fun thing about them was they were obviously the restaurants normal curtains. You see, years before she met Mark, Shilo and I had discussed what we'd like for our weddings and she said she'd like a bouquet that was mainly ferns (which she had) and so the curtains just pleased me greatly. They seemed to say "this was meant to be" and suited her exactly even though she'd had no say in them.
You can see the fern curtains in this one (and isn't Shilo's hair just lovely?)
The Cake.
Mark was extremely affectionate with her, which was adorable. They were both obviously over the moon happy, as was exactly right. Next, they did the cake cutting. The cake was vegan, which was a new one for me, but it was actually quite tasty.  Then Shilo sang a song for her groom.

The cake cutting.
A quick embrace.
Shilo singing her song!
An extremely special moment for me, of which I unfortunately don't have photo to share, was when Lydia and I performed a Converse tradition. You see, at the wedding of one of our own, any Converse girls in attendence encircle the bride and serenade her with the alma mater.  It was beautiful, and Shi must have thought so too, because I saw her wipe away a tear.
Me flirting with the camera with a fan (which were Shilo's favors)
Following the reception, the family and bridal party were invited back to her grandparent's house where we visited and the couple opened gifts. Mark and Shilo both shared about the other (Mark had a very funny story to tell) and it was great to just visit. After a few hours, Lydia and I began to excuse ourselves, since we wanted to get home in time to unpack and sort our things.  Just as we did Mark cried "Shilo! Come here, you have to see, our car was vandalized!"

The "vandalized" car
It was a great time, and I'd like to say: Congratulations Mark and Shilo! Nothing but the best wishes and love to you both! God bless your marriage!


  1. Such a lovely day. Well recounted. You forgot to mention how Shilo and Mark did the hokey pokey with a bunch of old people. That was pretty funny.

  2. Looks like the couple had a fabulous Wedding party. There are so many details that I loved in this bash. Thanks for the inspirations. I have booked one of the affordable Chicago venues online for my sister and her fiancĂ©’s wedding shower. It will be a surprise party so I am sure they would love it.


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