Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Year of the Deer

Earlier tonight my dad turned to me and said, "You want to take a ride?"


See, I knew what ride he meant. My younger sister Alison was coming home from a vacation. Her train was coming into Columbia, an hour and a half away, at 2 am.  He was telling me this at midnight. I hadn't realized he wanted me to tag along.

So I went and grabbed a quick shower (I really needed it) and we went.

We took a back way to the interstate, which would be faster and more direct.  There's an exit not that far from our house on main roads, but just a minute or two farther away by back roads is an one several exits south. So since we were headed south, it is much more direct. 

However, tonight was a risky night to take the backroads. Four deer came out in front of us.  We were fine though.

Except some construction, it was an uneventful ride down. Then on the interstate back up with Ali, we saw a deer on the side of the highway, threatening to run out. Again, it was fine.

Then, we got off at the same exit we'd taken to leave. We really shouldn't have.  We saw at least nine deer, at least six of which crossed in front of us, in the like five or six miles to home! 

We were able to avoid all accidents though.
But wow, this was definitely a good year for deer! They've multiplied like crazy. Most of the ones we saw were young (though a few were big!) and there's also been two sightings of deer near my house this year. We hadn't seen deer at our house in like a decade.

All right, that's pretty much all I got in way of blog posting this evening. I hope you're all doing great! Alison, Dad, and I are safely home and will probably all be sleeping shortly.

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