Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friends and Sister Times

I had a lovely day.  I had a nice talk with Ryan, then caught up with my older sister Beth.  Then in the evening my younger sister and I went to the Bible Study Labor Day Weekend Pool Party. (Wow, that's a long title for something basically informal and normal!)

Then afterwards, Lydia, Ali, and I went and hung out and just talked for a little while before dropping off Lydia at her home.

Yesterday, Alison and I went out to bridal shops. She's engaged and I'm one of the bridesmaids. We were looking for bridesmaid dresses and she decided she wanted to try to go afield from Spartanburg, so we went to Simpsonville. We stopped in a nice little shop, and found one possibility, but it wasn't exactly what she was envisioning. She also has had a lot of dress drama in finding her own gown. So she was interested in finding her own gown as well. When we described what she wanted at the first shop, the bridal consultant looked like we'd sprouted two heads. All we said is she prefers a very common fabric and a very common neckline.  However, apparently putting the two together is crazy. (Really?) I'd say what they were, but it occurs to me that my future brother-in-law could read this, and I know she wants to keep it very much a secret from him.

So after that, we weren't entirely satisfied. So we pulled out the gps and looked for more bridal shops.  The closest one was a consignment shop that sells wedding gowns. So we went.  This time, Alison only mentioned the neckline to the consultant, as well as her size. She went and got two gowns about her size that had that neckline. One was in the right fabric! Alison tried the other one on first, which was a little tight, but looked nice. However, when she tried on the second, the one with the right neckline and fabric, you could see she was very happy.  It's a little big on her, but wedding dresses are usually altered anyway. You could tell she fell in love. 

One thing about this consignment shop was the dresses were quite pricey.  I think she specializes in getting higher end wedding dresses.  They weren't unreasonable prices, and were at least 25% off the original price, and usually 50%.  But since they were expensive dresses to begin with, I was cringing as we saw price tags. But this was just for fun, a spur of the moment thing, right?

So when Alison and I could tell she was falling for the dress, she asked me to look at the tag. And it was just under her budget! You should have seen her face!  So she finally found her dress. She's been looking for about a year.  She'd found a dress before, but then the designer discontinued it.  We'd looked and looked and she was about to give up and get a seamstress to make her one when we found this one.

So that was a very happy thing.

I'm preparing for my own wedding. It won't be far away now. By preparing I mean mainly talking to Ryan, looking at things online, and prayer. Tons of prayer. Lots of prayer.  I guarantee there'll be more on this subject to come.

But not today.

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