Friday, September 23, 2011

God's Craftsmanship Shines

This week God's been just weaving everything together.  It's been a work of art.  Everything I do, book I read, person I talk to... it's all been interconnected.

Sometimes it's in the common threads you see God's handywork.

Like how a book I purchased years ago has the author mention the author of a book I just bought in the dedication... an author that's also mentioned in another book I have... and an author who happens to have connections to the graduate school to which I want to go.

Or how I find myself learning about turning to God and Christ's blood... and I sin... and then God uses that sin to show me what I was reading about in theory in action... and how different things I pick up all speak to the same theme, of servanthood and brokeness.  How multiple sources mention the same Bible verses within 24 hours.

Or how as I pursue something I feel God calling me to, people try to warn me about the difficulties... only to find all the difficulties fit like puzzle pieces together with my strengths and experiences. And I feel God's hand in it all.

Yes, that is this week, and He is my God.  His plan for each of us is intricate, His love for each of us is infinite, and His grace is sufficient for us, always.

Beholding Glory


  1. I love when you look around and you can see God's hand at work!

  2. I, too, love those common threads. No one can predict what they will be and how God will blend them together with our strengths.


  3. I too love the weaving God does.. How He places the same message, the same Word at in front of us in every avenue possible. He doesn't give up on us, He loves us that much.

    Thank you for sharing,

  4. I had this conversation with one of my friends over coffee this morning! God truly does work in and through all the details in our lives. It's just one of the many ways He says, "I love you".

  5. Love the common threads. A friend and I were just talking about that tonight: some unbelievable turn of events but we see the beginnings from months ago. It has to be God

  6. I Think you should read a book Grand Weaver written by Dr. Ravi K Zacharias

  7. this is so right on. I feel the same...the interconnectedness. It's awesome

  8. Thank you all, yes, yes! :) Becky and Shanda, I love that you had that conversation the same day I wrote this! That's exactly what I mean! Thank you everyone, and I hope we'll all interconnected, because there is One Church, and we are all being made one in Christ. Happy sigh.


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