Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Great Day at the Zoo

Saturday I met up with Melissa, a girl I went to high school with, and we spontaneously went to the Greenville Zoo!  I hadn't been to any zoo in years, it was really fun.

Me on bronze lion

Cool looking rhinoceros iguana
We'd met up without a plan of what to do, but apparently she'd been contemplating the zoo awhile, and I thought that sounded great. 

The elephants
Giraffes are my favorite zoo animal. What's yours?
We got to see the giraffe eat.
One of the really cool things was when we saw the lions.  You see, it was a really hot day. So the animals were trying to stick to the shade.  Well, the shade was right up against the glass. So I got to be within inches of a full grown male lion.
I put my hand against the glass down by the mane, so I was just inches away!
The Amur leopard, the rarest of the large cats

When we were looking at the orangutans, we heard this very, very loud hooting.  We followed it and found the gibbons.
Orangutan statue outside the exhibit
The gibbons were so loud! And someone else thought so too... the red panda across the way woke up because of them!
the cute red panda, freshly awoken from a nap
a "turtle log" Melissa and I enjoyed
When we saw the goats, I really missed Henry and Blake, our pet goats who died a little over two years ago. 
Melissa and I caught up on each other's lives and after the zoo, decided to go over to Fall's Park. It was her first visit.  I was happy to share it with her, as it's one of my favorite places in the Upstate.
the main Reedy River Falls at Falls park, view from bridge
It was great hanging out with Melissa. We discussed a great variety of subjects, from art to God to pets. There is really nothing I love more than intimately talking with people. I don't know if I've gone on about that before, but it's one of the things that genuinely makes me feel alive.

It was great sharing the park with her. I'm no expert on it, but I am blessed enough to probably get to visit it five or more times per year. I showed her a few of my favorite spots, and we got to see a wedding site, set up and waiting for the guests!

After a while, we got hungry and ate dinner at Burger King.  Then we went home. It was a great day and adventure!

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  1. I had fun too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as the park with me. I also really like how well the pictures came out, it was a great day.


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