Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well, I have been working on a post for a while, but you'll have to wait a little more. Hopefully I can finish it before I go to sleep. But I didn't want to leave you postless for yet another day.

I caught up on reading the blogs I follow after my absence. And wow has some things happen! I am consistently blessed by these blogs and their authors.

Yesterday, Ryan scared me because he thought he might be having a heart attack. He wasn't. He's fine. Well, a little achey, but it's normal, non-life-threatening stuff.

My sister Alison got to unexpectedly go to Dragoncon this weekend. However, today she got a migraine, and then got lost on the way home. She's safely home, ensconced in bed, and hopefully will recover soon.

I got a lead on a job today. I am really hopeful. Please pray.

I had an adventure on Saturday. That's what the coming post is about.

I am bursting to share things! God is so amazing. But for now, this is what I have to offer you. This and love for you all!

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  1. Oooh that's awesome she got to go to Dragoncon. That is the ultimate art show that I would love to go see, especially when some of my favorite artists go there. One day, I hope to get my art to a point where I'd be able to qualify for the Artist's Alley there.


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