Monday, October 17, 2011

Blessings of the Week

So now is that day of the week when I sit back and reflect, with a thankful heart, on the blessing of my week.

Most of my blessings have come in the form of people. A new friend, Anne, who gives me ride to the new Bible study I'm attending, and for that Bible Study itself. My friend Kathy, for lending me books.  Lydia, who has invited me to a party next weekend.  My friend Melissa, for going on an hour and a half long walk with me Friday.  For my friend Emily, with whom I've been playing phone tag all week, but we've gotten a little talking in here and there.

I'm blessed by wonderful things I've been reading, and studying.  I've been blessed by having my heart explode with joy and awe as I realize how God has created me especially for this path I am on!

I'm blessed by being able to sleep in, because I was tired today. I wanted to go to church, but I just wasn't capable of it... I'm blessed for grace. And I'm blessed by having a sweet, slow day of hanging out with my sister, just spending time with her while she plays the Sims, and with her graciously buying me corn dogs! I've been craving them for a while. 

Ryan, with his sweet and persistant awesomeness. He just rocks. I love him. I'm going to marry that man, did you know that?

I was blessed by having a job interview.  I've not heard back yet, but it's still something for which I can hope!

I was blessed to watch a sweet movie on tv with my dad earlier.  It was fun.

I was blessed by homemade chocolate chip cookies, my favorite.

I'm blessed by my dear pets.  Corwin the cat, especially, has decided that this week, my lap is his favorite. It is a joy and honor to be graced with the love of a cat!

I'm blessed by the fall. This is my favorite season! It is so nice to smell that autumn air, feel that crisp, energizing chill, see that incredible blue sky you only get this time of year.

I'm blessed by comments from my readers. I get excited by every one.  Love you all!

Linking up with Gretchen, Thankful Tuesdays.

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up with Thankful Tuesday :) Fall is my favorite season as well :)

    I'm praying you hear from your interview soon :)


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