Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day Three of My Journey Through the Psalms

Psalm Three is described as "A Psalm of David when he fled from Absalom his son."  This is actually a story I've heard referenced like three times recently.

This had to be a really low time for David. He'd been hunted before, by Saul, but this was his own son. And I know he felt guilt, because he knew this situation was brewing, but hadn't addressed it as either father or king.

I looked at this Psalm, and I feel for David, and I admire the way he turns to God.  I'm not exactly in the same place as him, but I decided to pray it back as follows:

 Hey Lord Jesus. I do have troubles, and I know my enemy is on the prowl,
         apt to rise against me. Protect me from evil.
  Let my life show that you do help, so if any say,
         “There is no help for her in God.” they will be proved wrong.

How lovely is "Selah".  (Meditates on this)
 You, my God,  you are my shield!
         You are glorious, and you lift me up when my head and heart are heavy.
 When I cry out to you with my voice,
         You hear me! How incredible! You are amazing! (Selah)
 Each night when I lay down and sleep,
         let me remember to praise you when I awake, for You sustained me! I sometimes forget such little miracles.
 Help me, so I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people
         Even if they set themselves against me. Lord Jesus, help me fear no man, fear nothing but God, according to your word.
 I know you are always ready to help:
         Save me, O my God!
         For I am weak. You have struck my enemy;
         So as long as I cling to you, he has no teeth, as long as I cling to you, death has no sting.
 Salvation belongs to You, let all the nations praise You!
         Your blessings are upon Your people. Incredible!!  Selah  


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