Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Job Interview, an Anniversary, and Day 11

Earlier I needed God. Well, I always need God. But I mean, I was feeling that weight of the world, and I was dealing with temptation. I felt weary. So I thought, "Read the Bible!" And since I'm on this Psalm journey, it made sense to turn to Psalms.  The first line of this little Psalm is "In the LORD I put my trust".  Indeed, this is great for me today!

Today I've officially been unemployed for 18 months.

I also got a job interview! Well, tomorrow. But I got called by a job to make the appointment today.  So please pray for me. My bank account is actually in the negative. I am pursuing God with all I have, and I know He will take care of me... but pray I keep it together in the waiting!

In the LORD I put my trust;
         How can you say to my soul,
as a bird to your mountain”?
 For look! The wicked bend
their bow,
         They make ready their arrow on the string,
         That they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart.
 If the foundations are destroyed,
         What can the righteous do?
is in His holy temple,
         The LORD’s throne
is in heaven;
         His eyes behold,
         His eyelids test the sons of men.
 The LORD tests the righteous,
         But the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates.
 Upon the wicked He will rain coals;
         Fire and brimstone and a burning wind
Shall be the portion of their cup.
 For the LORD
is righteous,
         He loves righteousness;
         His countenance beholds the upright.

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  1. Not a great anniversary-- BUT yay for the job interview!! :) I'll be praying for you :)


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