Monday, October 31, 2011

Right Now and A Question (Day 31!)

I am cold. And weary. I've been grumpy and weird today.  I'm pretty sure Ryan would run away and leave me just based on the last few hours if he wasn't desperately in love with me. It's nice to know love really does cover over a multitude of sins.

So I'm coming on here, doing Psalm 31. And I have a question for you: should I continue to do this daily?  I started with the intention of doing it everyday for all 150 Psalms. But I'm wondering if many I should just do the Psalms each day, but only blog about the summation of the week, with the link-up. What do you think? I'm pondering...

Reading Psalm 31, I recognize my own cries. Because seriously, I need God right now. I need to trust in Him as my refuge. I need rescuing. God has been stepping up to show me things all the time lately. In Friday night Bible Study we studied affliction.  Ryan keeps talking to me about good Godly subjects, like faith and waiting on God.  Pretty much every blog I'm reading seems relevant to the situation. The homework for my Thursday night Bible Study (which is meeting tomorrow) has been emphasizing God's faithfulness. The sermon I heard yesterday spoke directly and relevantly to several issues I've been facing.

God's been removing things I've been relying on or putting my hope in that aren't Him. Oh, the stretching of my faith! It's hurting me. It hurts me so much. And I'm choosing to say thank you, God.

I'm praying Psalm 31 to God today, but I'm not going to type it here. Instead, I'm going to ask you to look inside you, and around you, and figure out what God's trying to tell you. He is speaking. I pray you see clearly, and remember God does not accuse or condemn now, but instead will rebuke and encourage.  I love you, dear readers. My head feels stuffy and I'm not sure if I made a lot of sense today.  If you're not sure how to procede, read Psalm 31 and ask God to talk to you in it.


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