Sunday, October 16, 2011

Singing Sixteen!

I'm singing for you today!!

At least I hope I am. After I recorded it, I realized that while I knew I could post pictures and videos, I don't know about audio... but we'll figure this out.

I got the idea from Kelly, a fellow blogger. She guest posted yesterday, which is where I read the article, but I included the link to her blog because I wanted you guys to get her own blog if you hit the link. She recently started singing the Psalms.

I've actually done that before, but more as like worship than as reflection. So I hadn't thought of them as a way to share this Psalm journey with you all... but I'd been trying to think of other ways, and then I read this like an hour later! So I decided to go for it.

So here is me, singing Psalm 16. All I have is 'sound recorder' and the microphone that's inside the laptop, so it may not be very clear. I haven't listened to it, I just hit record and went for it, because I'm just trying to sing to God. If I hear it and don't like it, I'd be tempted to re-record just to sound good, and that'd be pride.

I made up the tune as I went along, and I think you can tell.  If you hear any heavy breathing, our german shepherd mix Radar is to blame. He had to come and sit next to me while I sang. He's 13, which is like 80 or 90 in dog years, and his lungs are losing elasticity. Please forgive an old dog and my poor recording quality.

(I want to thank my darling Ryan, because he had to work some techy magic for this to work! Blogger doesn't support audio files so he had roll his sleeves up to make this possible!)

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  1. that is beautiful! You are doing such a great job going thorugh psalms :) I really like reading them. And thank you so much for linking back to my post :) It means a lot :)


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