Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Song I wrote at 14!

My sister Beth and I (at around age 14)
I am sharing with you a song I wrote when I was fourteen. It's inspired by Psalm 22, so it works for today. I used to write songs all the time. Be kind. Here it goes:

It Was You

In those times I was despised by my peers
Who tormented me and took advantage of my fears
As they stuck out their tongues and shook their heads
With voices filled with venom and contempt said
“You relied on the Lord, why doesn’t He save you?
If the Lord likes you, why doesn’t He help you?”

It was You who created my home the earth
It was You who brought me safely here through birth
It was You who kept me safe when on dangerous turf I trod
I have relied on you since I was born, You have always been my God

My strength, like water on the ground, is gone
My bones are out of joint, my heart is melted wax
My throat is dry, my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth
I am most surely dead, most surely done
Unless You, Lord Father, will pull me out

Repeat Chorus

I will love You, Lord, turn to You in times of need
I will not abandon You, You didn’t abandon me
I humble myself, bow down to You
You are my father, my savior, my Lord
When I needed a friend it was You

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