Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Book Review: An Amish Wedding by Wiseman, Fuller & Long

This was actually my first Amish fiction book, though I was pretty sure from knowing my personality that I'd like the genre already.  An Amish Wedding is actually three novellas by three different authors that intersect and take place in the same Amish community. A wedding takes place in the last story that is referred to throughout the other stories.

If I was reading this again, I'd advise you not to read the text on the back cover, I feel like it gives away too much.

I was a bit puzzled by the fact that the theft in the first story was not approached more as a sin and a wrong than as an adventure, but by the end of the story the concerns I felt were met and I was able to enjoy it.

I liked the hero and heroine of the second story best. I enjoy their interactions and personalities and related to them very well over all.

The hero and heroine of the third story are the bride and groom of the wedding alluded to throughout.  I was amused by the headaches they had as they approached their wedding day, and touched at the way the author chose to bring God's peace to them.

Overall I found this first foray into the Amish fiction genre to be thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing. I think I'll check out more in the future.

I received this book free from the publishers in exchange for my unbiased review.

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