Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brag on God... Saturday.

I didn't do a Brag on God Friday post on Friday, because I was really busy... getting a job! I had the interview at noon. I got there and they had me take a questionnaire on the computer, then wait ten or twenty minutes for the interview.

God really provided, because in the interview was an employee sitting to train in case she has to do interviews in the future... and I went to college with her! Having someone I knew there really calmed me down.  I didn't find out until then for which position I was actually applying. I had applied for a few online.  Then the man interviewing me told me I'd have a second interview... in twenty minutes!

So after a little more waiting, I met with another interviewer.  At the conclusion on the interview, I was told to wait another ten minutes. After that, I was brought back into the second interviewers office and offered the job! 

As I said in my last job, this is after nineteen and a half months of unemployment. It's a seasonal position, but any work is welcomed, and I am very happy.  I start on Tuesday.

Another answer to prayer and waiting will come to fruition tomorrow morning: I have a ride to church! I've been praying and asking for a ride to my own church for three months.  I've been able to go to other churches, but this is my home church, and I've not had a regular ride in far too long. Admittedly, my new job is the kind with unpredictable schedule so I don't even know if I can go again next week, but I have a ride for tomorrow, and that's great! And I'm trusting God on the rest of it.

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  1. What a great post...full of His amazing provisions. congrats on the new job....that's great


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