Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Couch to 5K: Sensible Break

When I started the Couch to 5K originally, I had a deadline: the 5K my friend Hannah was organizing in honor of her daughter. However, she and her husband decided to a) change the date and b) change it to a balloon release.  Which I totally understand, it sounds like she and her husband prayed and found peace about the change.

I started week 5 last Tuesday, and day one was the hardest I'd done so far, but I completed it. I was all set to do day two on Thursday... but there were storms and a tornado warning so I decided that was a no-go.  I cut my foot on Thursday night, so now I have an inch long cut on the ball of my foot, which made it not going to happen on Friday, even if I hadn't have had my job interview, errands, and then Bible Study. Due to nerves, I hadn't slept well so I slept in on Saturday and woke up just a few hours before sundown, and didn't feel up to running. On Sunday, I had church in the morning, and since I'd slept in so late on Saturday, I'd not gotten sleep Sunday night, so I came home from church and went to bed. Then Sunday evening I had to pick up something for my new job....

At this point I'm realizing I'm just not getting to this exercise. And I'm nervous. I was a cashier in high school and it took a horrible physical toll on my feet. I'm kind of scared of the pain I'm sure is coming now that I'm a cashier again, and the cut on my foot still isn't 100% healed besides. And I remember how the C25K had hurt my feet before...

Black Friday is Friday.  I really need my body to hold up as well as it can, and it's already got some stuff going against it.  I've decided to forego the C25K for at least this week, and perhaps longer, so I can have a good first week at my new job, without fear of injury (outside of just standing too long!).  

I don't know if some will be disappointed in this. I do plan on starting again, probably next week, and I'm just going to re-do Week 5 Day 1, I think. If my break lasts longer than next week, I'll probably do one of week four's exercises, then take it back up with Week 5. 

I feel lame doing this, but I also feel peace about it. I am no longer signed up for a 5K, so I have no deadline, so I can afford to stretch it out if needed. And since I'm apprehensive about injury, well that's not good for my mental health. I'd like to get through the stress of my first week of work without worrying about that too, and this is the most sensible solution to that problem.

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