Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Looking Forward to Sharing More

I've not been posting freestyle so much. I'm sorry about that, since really that's what most people enjoy reading and I enjoy writing.

By freestyle I mean not a link-up, book review, psalm journey, See Pam Run or other formatted, pre-determined post.  I like all those kinds of posts, but I've been too rigid about them lately. For example, I'll think of a great idea for a post and then get all excited... and then go "Oh. You know what? It's Monday, I need to do my 'I'm Blessed' Post. I guess this can wait until tomorrow." Then by the next day I've forgotten what I wanted to write about, or at least have lost the burst of inspiration that makes it easy to write. Or I'll think "I'd write that now... but I really need to get my book review up so I can request a new book to get it by X date" (I love getting free books). So I prioritize that.

You bloggers out there are probably going, "Why don't you just write out those blogs in draft and schedule them for later?"  Well, basically because I usually only have time for one post, maybe two.  We have dial up at the house, which means every page takes at least twenty seconds to load, which adds up to a lot of minutes. I have blogs I follow, and I honestly hate getting more than three days behind so I'm always spending a good portion of the time I'm online reading those blogs.  I also am using my mom's laptop. And we don't have a second phone line or cell phones.  So I rarely ever get online during the day, but instead during the night or early morning when I'm not clogging the phone lines. And about 60% of the time I think about getting online lately my mother is either using the phone or her computer, which is her right of course, but makes it all the more difficult.

I went through a writer's block phase last month, and having the pre-determined posts really helped me be disciplined to write even when I wasn't feeling creative.  But this month I am feeling creative, and that creativity is being stifled by the very methods that helped me before.

I'm realizing that I keep pushing off the freestyle posts for the more 'important' scheduled posts... over and over again.  And suddenly I'm lucky if I get one freestyle post for ten formatted ones. And that's just silly.

So beginning now, I'm going to try to take a different attitude. This doesn't mean that I'm not going to participate in link-ups or stop doing book reviews.  But it does mean I might not get to one until a few days after the link-up is up or the book is read.  This blog is supposed to be about sharing with you and expressing myself... and while I can do that in those formats, I can't do it in those formats primarily. 

So I look forward to sharing more with you in the days to come. And I honestly love you all.

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  1. Love you too! I just got a new phone... so maybe I can actually call you back now. :)


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