Friday, December 16, 2011

Brag on God Friday

God's glory is everlasting.  I only begin to know how amazing He is.

So I write this to you as a meager offering of some of my recent experiences of His Total Awesomeness.

He's met me in my weakness and gave me energy and strength.

The depths of my soul is like a musty, dusty, dirty, cluttered room.  And each time I think we've made progress in making it clean God walks over and opens the top of a box that looked sort of organized... until I see it's filled with a squirming infestation of evil.  And I shriek and get overwhelmed and God grabs my arm and says "Be calm. I know how to handle this. Trust me. I won't give up until this room is clean and perfect.  Relax."

I rest in the fact that God finishes every good work that He begins, and when I look back at my past I can see He's begun from the evidence of transformation. I am no longer who I was.

This week I've gazed into several boxes of evil in me. Selfishness, pettiness, imperfections, even a little meanness.  And I say "Really, God? You have to show me this one too? Can't we take it one at a time?"  And even as I say it I sigh and say, "No, sweet God, I know. I trust you. You know what you're doing; I don't.  If this is how you're doing it, this is how it should be done. Help me not to worry or stress. Help me to trust. It's just so painful to be faced with what lives inside me. But I know exposure to the light is the only way to eradicate darkness, so I thank you for the renewed revelations of my flaws. O, but be gentle, Lord, be gentle. It's already almost more than I can bear."

And I've been encouraged this week, when I come and wait on God during the quiet moments that I must enforce, to find my strength renewed according to His promises. I find I do be a better job, I feel better, I am a better person when I make Him a priority and wait upon Him. I get distracted though, but I thank God for structure and trial and error which show me the error of my ways.

And I thank God for His people, sweet friends who come along side me and offer love and sympathy even when I know I brought a lot of my suffering on myself. They don't condemn, they hold out friendship and prayer and I feel renewed.

And I thank God for the hope I have in Him. Hope that if I seek Him, He will sustain me through even this... and if I fall apart and can't go on, that is because it is time to rest.  I rest in Him.

I thank Him for grace and I hope I never, ever leave Him. I relate to the old hymn:
Let Thy goodness, like a fetter,
Bind my wandering heart to Thee.
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
Prone to leave the God I love!  
I pray He protects me from myself. I pray for more faith and that I can grow closer to Him.


  1. Sometimes God shakes the picture puzzle box - opens it and then puts all the small pieces together to form the beautiful picture. We are like that at times. God puts us together again.

  2. I, too, thank God that he is full of grace and even protects me form myself!

  3. God refines and molds us because He loves us so much. Like a potter with clay, He is transforming us into a beautiful work of art.

    Love your post!


    (Visiting from Brag on God Fridays.)

  4. Holding out friendship and prayer. How I want to be that kind of friend. We all have times of needing God to show us our careless heart. He's so faithful!

  5. He finishes every good true....I used to question whether He would fix something or other....and in the right time...He did. I learned He can be trusted....

  6. The comments on this are so good! I like what each one has said. And this line from your post is so true: "I find I do be a better job, I feel better, I am a better person when I make Him a priority and wait upon Him."


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