Saturday, December 24, 2011

Brag on God Friday

I'm excited to brag about God. Oh, people, He's come through for me SO MUCH this last week. I've been wiped off my feet. The sickness made me have even  more insomnia than I normally have, and between cleaning, shopping, and working, there was no way to get any real rest. I didn't sleep at all Wednesday night and then had to work at eight in the morning. As I told Ryan the only way I made it through was supernatural provision.  I don't know about you, but when I'm physically spent I get crabby. Not only did I make it through, I did so cheerfully. 

The thing about being a cashier is that it's a very physical job. Not only are just standing there, which demands more from your body than walking, but also you're swiveling and lifting things all day long.  I'm always a little hunched forward.  I'm just not used to it. Not only had I not been employed for a long time, but also I've only worked desk jobs since 2005! And then, when I was a cashier at a grocery store, we had bag boys to help us, which we don't at this large retail store. And I'm working at an extremely popular for Christmas shopping store. I've been so wiped out and feeling like I'm in a daze. I'd come home ready to put my feet up and I'd be meeting demands and resentment because of all things other than my job I was supposed to be able to complete.  So you can see why I've not been blogging...

But the truth is, I'm cheerful and happy. I don't really mind my job. And you know why? One word.


I've been reading God Calling during my breaks. God's been speaking to me. I've been praying and I keep a little New Testament in my purse.  If I forget during a break, I fall to pieces.  I am surly and exhausted.  But If I devote some or all of my break to spending time to him, I'm floating on air when I go back to the register. It's been supernatural grace and supply all the way.  It's been incredible how tangible it's been for me.

I've actually been wanting to go to work for the breaks.  When I'm at home, I don't have my day segmented nearly as well and I find myself getting drained and not taking the time.  Yes, I know that I should probably set up a schedule. And I'm sure I will... but I'm not going to until at least after the holidays.

I've been finding such joy and peace and friendship in Christ. I've been plugging into the vine and I feel vitality in this little branch.  I hope you are all abiding in Him as well. For those of you who just show up for Brag on God Fridays, Have a very, very merry Christmas!

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