Monday, December 5, 2011

Counting Blessings and Giving Thanks

Hope all you are found well today, and if not, take some time to count your blessings. Giving thanks with a grateful heart is a balm to the weary soul.  Also give thanks if you are well! Let us be grateful, and joyous, about the blessings lavished upon us from a generous God, instead of being covetous or impatient.

I'm so blessed by being able to go to church regularly again. Indeed, this makes me thankful for a second blessing; God has given me such a life that I do not take for granted this simple grace, but recognize it as the gift it is.  I am so thankful for the sweet family who gives me my weekly ride, and that they like to stay for Sunday school!

I am thankful for God Calling, which remains my favorite book. I'm reading it again, and God's speaking to me just as strongly as ever, and piercing my heart ever deeper, ever better.  Praise Him!

I'm blessed by Ryan.  Just always. Thank you, thank you, thank you God.

I'm blessed by having sweet pup dogs that snuggle and love me.  And who still love me when I am my scatterbrained self and forget to put their food out or oh, yeah, maybe you'd like to go outside sometimes.  Thank you God, for loving, patient dog friends.

Thank you God for our cats, who are gorgeous and entertaining, troublesome and snuggly, as good cats should be!

Thank you God for my family being able to get Dad's car fixed this week. It is such a comfort to the mind to know it's working well.

Thank you God for providing for me. Help me not be impatient just because my timeline is faster (and, I'm sure, worse, though it's hard to see) than yours.

Thank you God for harmless internet past times, and help me not to get too carried away with the virtual world.

Thank you for my friends, and definitely, definitely always and with great fervancy I thank you for facebook. I just love facebook. I don't care what Ryan thinks, facebook rules!

Thank you for interesting programming on television.

Thank you for divine intervention when I'm being horrible.

Thank you for warm blankets, a well insulated house, and heaters during this December. I know I am lavished with blessings and I both thank you and pray for those who are cold. Be with them and guide them to people or organizations that can help them, like my church (which is giving out blankets later this week.)

God, thank you for our affiliation with the Diocese of Haiti. Please bless the ministries of those who are helping there, and take our offerings and multiply them as you did the bread and fishes.

Thank you for faith, and peace, and joy, and hope, and grace, and love.


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