Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Retreating to My Shell

Me in my shell... er, old beat-up hoodie.
Okay, my brain is working now.  I just wrote about, oh, two articles in an email to a friend. I like exercising my intelligence.

I don't feel good. I'm home sick again. I'm not sure if it's the same thing I had Friday, because while I'm still stuffed up, now I just feel weak.  I was doing chores yesterday and felt like I needed a little break so I lay on my bed and read... half an hour... forty-five minutes later I still couldn't persuade my body it was time to get back up and go back to work.  I just felt weak and wiped out.  Since I had work in the morning, I thought, I guess I should just rest.  So I told my mother what was going on and curled up in bed.

Then insomnia hit me and I tried and tried and tried and couldn't sleep. This made me cry a little. It felt my body was an out of control toddler throwing a fit and wouldn't obey me at all.

When I woke up this morning I knew I couldn't get out of bed, let alone go to work. Blessedly, my phone is right next to my bed, so I called out from work and then fell asleep and slept until my dog demanded I get up at four in the afternoon.

When I came out my mom said I'm an awful color.  I snuggled deeper in my hoodie and that's about all I'm capable of today... except for reflecting meaningfully on interesting internet articles in an email to a friend where I used such words as "proclity".  Yay, my intelligence didn't break when my body did.

On Friday I definitely had a cold, and I felt better on Saturday... but we're thinking I was exposed to something new in my weakened state and that's what this is.  Lord, have your way. Blessedly, I don't have to work again until Wednesday, so I have another day to get over this without having to let my job down again.

I was musing with a friend about how sometimes sickness is God's way of saying "Take time to rest in me."  That's probably part of this.  And part is just that I feel a turtle or hermit crab and my instinct is screaming "RETREAT TO YOUR SHELL! RETREAT TO YOUR SHELL!"

So that's what I'm doing.  But not until I do an "I'm Blessed" post next, which will be much  more upbeat. But I wanted to tell you what was going on and figured I'd not mix the two posts. I also have a great link to share with y'all...

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