Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012!

I want to knit up my hopes and share them with you.  I'm using the scheduler feature here on blogger for the first time in forever. I messed up constantly before, so I hope it works now.  I should actually be at work when this publishes.

One thing God taught me about some years ago is divine Hope.  I realized that while Hope is discussed in the Bible, when I really tried to define it, I had trouble differentiating it from Faith. While that's not the worst thing ever, the Truth is that Hope and Faith aren't the same, and as a seeker of the One who claims to be the Truth, and who also named Himself my Teacher, I wanted to know what Hope was... and He showed me.

So now as I approach a New Year, I hold out the Hope I have, and use it to give me Faith. I have many Hopes for this year... it is possible they won't be achieved. No matter, for I have Faith that God will do glorious things in 2012, that is, for His glory.

One thing that keeps going through my head is something I heard the other day... I can't remember where. "All Christians' stories end in glory."


So no matter what 2012 brings, now that I stand on what in my mind's eye seems a metaphoric viewpoint, a clearing on the mountain top where I can see the amazing things ahead, but never in detail, never into the shadows, and never the way back down this hill. And I breathe in Wonder, because this is the life that God has made, and I lean over and take His Hand, because He is right here.  And He will walk with me down this mountain, and into the horizon.

May you walk everyday holding God's hand... if you let go, maybe you quickly run back to the safety of His side... may you learn the Wonder in the little things, grow in Faith, and breathe in Hope.  May you smile increasingly, laugh with Joy, and let doubts roll off of you like water on a waxed surface.  May you know who you are by knowing Him. And if you don't know Him, then I pray this is the year to start your life.

Happy New Year.

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