Monday, January 23, 2012

The Balloon Release and the rest of Saturday

Yesterday it was my privilege to attend The Field of Sunflowers Balloon Release. It was done for the memory of my friend Hannah's daughter, Sadie Mae, who was born and died last year.  The event raised money for Perinatal Comfort Care, an organization which helps families who receive a fatal diagnosis for their child during pregnancy.

It was both a moving and joyful event. God decided to bless us with a reprieve from the rain for the duration of the event. Within two minutes of getting home, the sky opened up and it began pouring (and I had lingered for a long time after the official ending.)

Tammy from Perinatal Comfort Care
TJ, Hannah's husband, gave a speech, then passed the mike to Tammy, from Perinatal Comfort Care, who told us more about their organization. Meanwhile, Hannah was making sure that everyone who bought a balloon was getting tags.
the tag for my balloon; see how Hannah put a sunflower seed on it in hopes it'll land and a sunflower will sprout.
Then they called for all who had bought a balloon "in honor" of someone gather to get their balloons. Then they read the names one by one and released them. Then they did the same for those that were bought "in memory" of everyone other than Sadie Mae herself.
the very first balloon being released
balloons sailing into the sky
My balloon was in Sadie Mae's memory, so it was after this that I gathered with everyone and we prepared to release balloons for her.
My balloon; I added my business card to my tag and Hannah's because I'd like to know if someone finds mine
Hannah and TJ with a special bunch of balloons for their sweet girl
It was joyful and lovely. All the balloons headed due northeast.

the balloons released for Sadie Mae
It was my privilege to meet Miss Roly Poly, who my friend Hannah is in the process of adopting and "Cindy", her newest foster kid. Because they are in the foster care system, I can't use their real names or post their pictures for their privacy, but they are both beautiful and nice.

Hannah with a mug someone gave her, and Tammy from PCC
I got to hold Miss Roly Poly and she took a liking to my bracelet. I wanted to hold her on my hip, but I'm just not used to holding kids and she'd been handed to me so I was holding her in front, and I wasn't sure how to gracefully transfer her to my hip.  Then she ended up wanting "Maaa," so I passed her to Hannah and she smoothly and gracefully put her on her hip.  She has a mother's confidence, and between this and when I helped babysit Tabitha's son Jordan the other day I realized that while I love kids and they usually like me, I just don't have the confidence with them that comes from experience. I'm perfectly capable and from all I've read in books, read on blogs, and heard from friends I've got the basic knowledge. I just feel tentative, like I'll overstep my bounds if I swing the kid on my hip or whatever. So... I need more kid experience! I don't mind that conclusion. Like I said, I love them.
aside from balloons, they also sold stickers and tshirts, with all proceeds going to PCC
I got very hyper. I'd woken up and been a little anxious about whether I'd get to go; I didn't have a ride as of that morning. So I was praying and putting out feelers and I was able to secure a ride with a friend of Hannah's I'd never met. I had some soda, for the caffeine, but no food. Then he was late because he'd stopped a few houses short of mine, asking if they knew me. Blessedly, he decided to go just a bit further and found me. I am quite thankful for the ride. I got there and the event went wonderful. They had donuts and cupcakes, which was nice. I had some... and the result of nerves plus excitement plus caffeine and sugar was I was quite hyper. Nervous energy and sugar high.

I bought a t-shirt. I debated buying it because I'm saving my money for India, plus I'm paring down my possessions, but I realized it was for a good cause and plus, I'd actually like to bring this shirt to India so maybe people there may ask about her.... I have no idea why it loaded sideways and I can't get it to turn.
Then, as I went to left, my ride said to me, "Let's run to the car." He was joking, and I knew it. But I thought it'd be funny if I said, "Okay, let's run!" and ran like six feet, right? A lame joke, but again, I was hyper. Well, it was also stupid. Because it had rained all night and the grass we were walking in was soaked. I ran about five feet and just as I was about to stop, my legs flew out from under me and I landed on my bottom.

I laughed like a maniac, then I babbled to my ride all the way home. He marveled at the speed I spoke so I did something I haven't done in years; I grabbed something to read and said it to him at auctioneer speed. People always accused me of talking too fast as a kid, so my reaction was, "You think that's fast?" And I can speak at an incredible rate... but it was silly to do, because then he looked at me like I'd lost my mind and that's when I really realized I was on a sugar high.
the donuts and cupcakes
I went home and got on the phone with Ryan, who again told me I was speaking way too fast. I started fretting I'd not had the nice event I thought I'd had, but I must have made a fool out of myself there, been talking too fast, etc.  I kind of went mentally back to high school, when I regularly embarrassed myself, which was easy to do since I'd seen many people from high school that day. Then I calmed myself down. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure I only starting babbling after my wipeout.  I think I was okay the rest of the time. And if not, it's also okay.  Babbling is not a criminal offense.

After getting off the phone with Ryan, I made sure I had real food to eat and took time to pray before I made a very important phone call... which took like five minutes.  The rest of the day was pretty routine.

All this, unfortunately seems to be taking away from the balloon release. I could write this over, but I'm trying to be authentic, and a large part of my day was all that so I guess I'll leave it and add "and the rest of Saturday" to the title... okay, perfect. ;)

The Balloon Release really was a great event and I'm very happy I was a part of it. And since Hannah told the local newspaper how much money was raised, I don't feel bad saying they were able to raise over $800, 100% of which goes to Perinatal Comfort Care! Which, by the way, is national, and even worked with one family in Canada, so if you hear of family who needs their services, reach out to them at their website.

says it all

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  1. Love this post! (Of course.)

    And I love that you added your business card to your balloon. I didn't realize that!



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