Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Blessed

Normally I do the "I'm Blessed" post (where I thank God for blessings in my life) on Mondays, or if I'm a little late on Tuesday. But now it's pretty much Wednesday and I really need to get on it.

I didn't do it earlier because first I had trouble with my review that I'd planned on posting early on Monday, and secondly I hurt my rib somehow. I was in a lot of pain Monday and stayed in bed and read six- yes, SIX- books on my Nook. 

So, to start off, I am very thankful and blessed to have my Nook.  I'm thankful for Nook support as well and hopeful that the issue I'm having will be solved by getting a replacement one (which is already in the mail headed my way.)  Apparently I have a weird issue the Nook people have never seen before. Ah well.

I'm thankful for my parents, who took me around to do a lot of things today, like pick up my last paycheck, get my passport photos and service my Nook.

I'm blessed to be a book reviewer and get free books in exchange for reviews. I really, really enjoy that.

passport photos!
I'm thankful to HAVE MY PASSPORT PHOTOS.  Seriously, I've needed to get this done. I've had the money. It's not quite "have sent off for my passport" but hopefully that's a heartbeat away. Since my sister went back to college, my family is down to one car and I can't just go out and get things done any day of the week. 

I'm thankful for my friends, especially Tabby, and her precious children... both the born and the unborn.

I'm thankful for pain medication. Because it's helped me deal with whatever this mysterious rib injury is. (I'm talking tylenol and ibuprofen.)

I'm thankful for my darling Ryan, my darling, darling Ryan. I'm thankful for the phone and internet which allow us to have an intimate and loving relationship when we're 8,000 miles apart. I'm thankful for the trials and difficulties because they test and try our relationship and prove its mettle.

I'm thankful for my Sophie-dog, Radar-pup, and the cats.  Pets just enrich our lives. Seriously.

I'm thankful for my new business cards, emblazoned with my soon-to-be married name, equipped with my contact information for after I move to India.  They please me, fill me with hope, and also are just plain cool.

I'm thankful for heaters. Because it's winter and it's cold.

I'm thankful to God for God. Because He is the best, the center, the alpha and omega, the reason for it all. He's awesome, and He's my friend and family. WOW.

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