Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Blessed

It's time for me to recount my blessings, those things from God I'm thankful for, and praise Him.

I'm thankful that God never changes, even when everything else does and I'm going crazy.

I'm thankful that Sophie calmed down* yesterday and slept most of the day away.  I'm thankful I felt confident enough she'd be okay I could make her vet's appointment for tomorrow afternoon instead of this morning, which is better for the whole family.  I'm thankful I can afford to take her to the vet, even if I have to do a payment plan.

I'm thankful my ride for church afforded me enough grace that even after canceling on them because of Sophie and skipping church yesterday, they still came and got me to get my picture taken for the new church directory that evening.

I'm thankful for the Bible and the launch of the Bible in 90 day challenge today. And of Psalm Sunday yesterday.

I'm thankful for reading. I did get a lot of reading done this weekend, and I got most of the books I've been expecting in the mail in like the past four days.  Today I got my first book from Tyndale... and I'll get to giveaway a copy! My first giveaway! Fun! (look for that later. Probably next week.)

I'm thankful for crocheting. I'm working on Tabby's twins' baby blankets. It's satisfying to do something with your own hands.

I'm thankful my Mom doesn't have cancer.

I'm thankful for this blog. Honestly, it helps me stay sane, especially after a week like last week.

I'm thankful for things that are between God and me.

I'm thankful for prayer. Man, am I thankful for prayer!! Thank you, God that we can come to you with anything. Come to You, the holy, holy, holy one! Come into your presence and share the meager and silly things that seem important to us and be confident you will only reply with love, in whatever form that takes for the situation. That we can seek your guidance, knowing it is always perfect. That we can lay our burdens, our worries at your feet and know you will take care of them.  Such as the burden for Tabby and her babies' health. For Ryan getting a job. For so much to do with money (gah, why do I worry so? I don't have income, but I have GOD as my best friend. Seriously. I am lame. I know you won't let me down if I really need something, and you know whether I really do better than I do!)

I am thankful for facebook, for oh so many reasons.

I am thankful for this man, Ryan, whom you have given to me and given me to... thank you. Just thank you.

God, I love you. Thank you.

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*Yesterday my dog Sophie injured herself and woke me up at 7am because she was having what appeared to be a panic attack. She's okay. She basically rubbed her ear raw and the side of her head became swollen. The swelling has gone down a lot, and once she calmed down she's basically been normal since, though her balance has been affected.  I skipped church yesterday because the only thing that seemed to keep her calm was constant belly rubbing.  By lunch time, she was just snoozing in and out without me having to give her constant attention, and she's acting normally now. Like I said, I'll take her to the vet tomorrow.  

Didn't feel like going into too much detail above because the "I'm Blessed" is about drawing attention to God, not my dog, but decided to explain down here so you aren't confused.

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