Monday, January 16, 2012

Lemonade Sunday...

part of the way I walked.
You know how I ended yesterday's post on the optimistic note that I'd get to take Communion twice in a row?  Well, another example happen on how God doesn't like me to plan.

I totally overslept.

I woke up and was lying happily in my bed, not feeling any urgency to get up when suddenly it hit me, It's Sunday. I have church! I shot up and reached out to grab my clock and look at it (it wasn't facing me) and telling myself, "Don't panic. There may still be time."  It said to me 9:39.  My first reaction of my sleepy brain was, I have time! My second reaction was Oh no! We were going to the early service today. They said they'd be here at 8:30. You missed church.

In a panic I got online and apologized profusely to my ride, who were wonderful enough to come all the way out of their way to come and get me only to not have me be smart enough to set an alarm.  Then I sat there, all woebegone. I missed church. Horrible person, I am.

Then it occurred to me it was only like 9:50. I could still go to church. Just not my church, since I didn't have a ride. But I could walk to the corner church, about a quarter mile away. I relaxed and got a little happy thinking about that. I like the people there. It's not my style of worship, but they're a legitimate branch of the Body of Christ and I was blessed to be able to have a plan B. I was blessed to be able to wake up early enough I could wake up comfortably, have breakfast, and still get to a church service!

That's the lemonade from the title. You know, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?"

So I got up and had some fruit loops (yes, fruit loops) and talked to Ryan for a half second before dashing out the door.  Walking a quarter mile takes longer than I'd like to admit it does and I've been late before, and I hate being late for church. So I tried to leave with plenty of time.

I was looking forward to the walk, because I was used to running or walking several times a week when I was doing See Pam Run (I haven't forgotten, I'm debating starting again now that my seasonal job ended, or maybe waiting for spring since I really don't want to do it when it's like 20 degrees out. We'll see.)  But what I had forgotten about were the dogs.  But that was crazy enough it deserves its own post, but let's just say it wasn't the peaceful, happy walk I'd planned on and I decided if I got an offer for a ride home, I'd take it.

I got there early enough, which was a relief, especially since I had no idea what time it was. I had no time keeping device on my person.

As the service started I remembered something from God Calling which I'd read just the other day: to take every interruption, disruption, etc not as a burdensome irk but as an appointment sent from God. And I know perfectly well God is capable of waking me up in time for church, so while I am not happy I missed fellowshipping with my brethren at my home church, I'm taking this from God. Indeed, it occurred to me that God was good enough to let me take Communion and fellowship with my church family yesterday because He'd already planned I'd be going to this corner church today.

The sermon was very good and moving, and I found myself praying for this church, lifting them up.  After the service, I got to give my friend Anne, the pastor's wife there, her Christmas present (we've not seen each other since before Christmas) and then I got a ride home with someone with whom I went to high school.

All in all the lemonade was pretty good. It might not have been the beverage I planned on having, but hey, who said I was allowed to plan anyway?

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