Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Liebster Awards

I won an award!

Hannah at Sadie Mae's Mommy gifted me with a Liebster Award. I am delighted.

Liebster is German & means "dearest" or "beloved" but it can also mean "favorite." The idea behind the Liebster award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers.

As part of receiving the Liebster Blog award, one is to:

1. Choose 5 blogs with fewer than 200 followers to grant the Liebster Blog award.
2. Show appreciation to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them!
3. Post the award on your blog and link back to the blogs you have given the Liebster Blog award to so everyone else can pay them a visit!

So as I looked through the blogs I follow and tried to narrow it down, I decided to also take into consideration whether they'd blogged recently or not. Any blog that hadn't posted since New Year's was out. I was surprised how many that eliminated!

It was not easy, but my top five are:

1. A Planting of the Lord- I have loved Kimberly's blog since I found it. She always speaks to my heart, sometimes in a powerful way. She and I are both going through A Confident Heart by Renee Swope right now... and I won my copy from her blog! When I won we found out we live in the same county in the same state, even though I totally found her blog randomly! (I hit the "next blog" button on the nav bar at the top of all blogger blogs.) And recently, we discovered we're both alumnae of the same college! But even if those things weren't true, Kimberley your blog would still be so liebster to me. Your Roots Bible Study has stayed with me.

2. Oh That Mom Again- Kelly has such a funny and honest way of writing. And starting this Monday she's hosting a "Bible in 90 days" challenge which Ryan and I are both doing. I am really looking forward to that awesomeness on her blog.

3. Long Purple Bike- Lydia is my "in person" best friend. Her blog has a fun and eclectic style. The overall theme is her lifelong adventure with God. Other topics that feature are her job, trips, church, art, musings, graduate school, family, me, and her new boyfriend Matthew. She's a talented writer, and has one of the dearest hearts you'll ever encounter.

4. A farm wife's life- Melissa brings her readers onto her husband's farm where she homeschools their nine children.  I have enjoyed many insights and antidotes, and recently learned from her account of her brand new baby Elizabeth's birth.

5. The Road Less Traveled: Our Adoption Story- This is the blog of a new adoptive mother. She writes very frankly about her struggles, desires, and joys. She's very good at expressing the emotions of her journey and giving insight to those of us who aren't there yet.


Also, want to let you know that tomorrow I'm bringing back my Psalm Journey.  I'm getting that done before I start the Bible in 90 days.. but no, you won't be bombarded with that many Psalms covered at once. It occurred to me I could write the posts now but only publish them once a week. So tomorrow launches Psalm Sundays!

Also, if you haven't read yesterday's post.... well, you should. :)


  1. How kind!!! Thank you so much! :) Not just for the award, but for your sweet and encouraging words. :)

    I still think it is such a cool God-thing that we live in the same area AND went to the same college. I don't know if I ever e-mailed you back about this, but I did a lot of theater while I was at Converse. I wasn't a theater major, but did several plays. A favorite was the improv comedy show, Veggie Soup Troupe. I did that one twice. Loved it. So neat that you did theater, too! :)

    Thank you, again!!!!

  2. I read your comment on Kimberly's blog and have to say I love it too!! Thankful it has led me to yours! Thanks for sharing your heart...pray God uses Renee's book to encourage and change your heart!! I know He did that for me!! BLessings, Jill


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