Thursday, January 26, 2012

Post and Updates

(yeah, I haven't brushed my hair today.)
Today is one of those days when so much is going on in your head that nothing really is coming out.

That I'm deep in my heart pondering, and also have a list scrolling through my head of all I *should* do.

Where I am too excited to share things, too somber to blare things, and glad.

So I sat here, a-starin' at this blank thing thinking, "Should you force a post? Should you just not post today? Should you post today about what you were planning on doing tomorrow?"

Eh. No. I decided to do this instead.

Oh, you know what else I could do? I could update you on a few things:

  • -I'm trying to complete my "Psalm Journey" before I start a read the Bible in 90 days challenge. I dropped the ball on the Psalm Journey thing before, but I want to complete that before starting this new thing. I'll blog about it later.
  • -The other day when I took my dog into the yard to run around with her, I had respitory distress. It was no biggie, it was just the cold. I've had trouble breathing when I exert myself in cold air before, I think I'm developing asthma, but I don't have it yet. However, since I don't have anywhere indoor to run, I'm not re-initializing See Pam Run until the weather is consistently warmer. I am, however, considering doing some sort of disciplined indoor exercising, because I'm feeling the lack of it.
  • -If you've wondered why I've not posted a book review in a while, well it's really just I'm being slow reading. I'm in the process of reading two books I'm really enjoying, but I'm not even halfway through with either one of them. I don't know why I suddenly got slower, but oh well. Maybe my brain has decided to slow down since the day I read six books.
  • -Ryan is engaging with negotiations with a job. No guarantees, and prayers are appreciated.

Love to you all!

-Right before I published this I received troubling news. Please, please pray for an unnamed prayer request as of this time.-


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