Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Remembering and Praying

As I was laying in bed slowly waking up this morning I realized I should write this post. I'm not sure I have a right to, but I feel like I need to...

Then I woke up and read my friend Hannah's post and cried. Sharing her post and asking for prayer is probably the best way to go.

Today it's been one year since Hannah and her husband TJ have seen their baby, Sadie Mae. One year ago today she was born, and died. Please pray for them, as this is probably one of the hardest days of their life. Please, everyone who is reading this take the time, right now, to lift them to the Lord. And not just today but tomorrow too, because I know there are lots of people praying for them today, but most of them probably won't think about this tomorrow.

This Saturday they will be having a balloon release for her memory, for the memory of other babies who are no longer with us, and to raise money for perinatal care and adoption. I'm planning on going.You can buy a balloon even if you're way to far to make the trip, just contact her.

So just lift Hannah and TJ up today, and visit her blog. Share in the fruit of Sadie Mae's little life. It was short, but it was important. And now she lives forever.

Happy Birthday, Sadie Mae.


  1. I'm so sorry :( I'll pray for your friends.

  2. I knew it was coming soon, but had forgotten which day. Thank you for the reminder, I shall pray for them and we will release balloons for Sadie May here in Australia in her honour on Saturday also.


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