Monday, January 9, 2012


Okay, so I actually took this photo on Saturday.
My Sunday was blessed.

It started with my getting ready for church.  I was flipped around the television and found a Christian program that was so inspiring I found myself dancing around the living room praying and praising.

Then I went outside and waited for my ride to arrive. I'm just so joyful and grateful to be able to go regularly to church. I realized that God probably had me not able to go to church so long so I could learn to possess such a grateful heart. I think many people take church for granted, but God has blessed me with circumstances that encourage me to appreciate and know what a blessing it is.

Church was great, and God's providence was all over it. For example, they were having us sign up to come and get our photos taken for an updated church directory. When I looked at the sign up sheets, I saw the last name of the sweet family who gives me a ride to church... surrounded by other names, no time slot even remotely near it.  Ah well. So I'd have to find another ride.  After some thought, I decided to sign up for a time my parents might be able to take me to, since I could always cancel if they couldn't do it. On the flip side, if they told me when they were free, there probably wouldn't be any time slots left, so at least I got one.

Well, when I got to the car to leave with my ride, the mother told the father what time she'd signed up for.

"Are you kidding?" I asked, happily. They'd taken the time slot fifteen minutes before mine! There's another family in the church with the same name as them, and that's the one I'd seen.  So God provided me with a ride.

I'm also getting a ride with them to an ordination next week.  One of deacons is becoming a priest! I'm excited, I've never been to an ordination. We've had several since I joined, but they've always happened in Columbia.  This one is happening at our own church.  It'll be a new experience, and I'm excited to be given the gift of being able to participate so fully in church life.

During church itself, I just prayed and prayed and let my spirit commune with God.  I had brought God Calling, and I read it during some of the quiet moments, like while others were taking communion. I met Christ in communion, and I just was on a total God high by the time the service ended. I love my church so much. I love my God so much. It was just such a blessed, blessed Sunday.

Five minutes after getting home, the phone rang. It was Ryan.  We talked... for hours.  At one point, as I was opening the refrigerator door, the cordless phone I was one just died.  As I went to hang it up, I said to my mother "this one doesn't warn you it's going to die anymore."

"Well, when you talk on it for five hours that's what happens," she said with a smile.

"It's not been five hours," I said with a laugh. It'd only felt like forty-five minutes.

It'd been a little more than two hours.

And I went to my bedroom and got on the corded phone and called him back.

It was just so much fun. This past week or so, our conversations have been so intense. We've had fights, and serious discussions. All good stuff, actually.  We've been growing by leaps and bounds as a couple. We've been hammering out important things about getting married, moving, jobs, cars, and even the actually distant things like children.

But Sunday we just enjoyed each other as friends.  We talked about Jesus and just shared friendship and love.  He's my best earthly friend, and he's desperately in love with God and pursuing Him, and I'm in love with them both.

It was such a blessed Sunday.  So blessed. I wish I could express the peace and joy and love God poured into me through fellowship, secret  moments, pleasant weather, and scripture. I wish I could just pour it all into you all. Oh, seek God! Seek Him always.

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