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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday and Blessings

I've not really written anything on this blog since my birthday.
I find it strange that I've come to a place where a book review doesn't count as "writing anything" but somehow, it doesn't. (And the Psalm Journey I did a long time ago; I just publish them on Sundays.)

I didn't do my "blessings" post yesterday. I seem to not get online on Mondays that often anymore.

My birthday (Friday) was good. I started it out taking Sophie to the vet for her follow-up. Truth is, she needs more than I can give her right now. She's gotten way better since her last visit, but I feel frustrated by my inability to get rid of the source of her problem (an unknown allergy) so that she's still having to wear her cone.

So we got refills of the prescriptions that needed to be refilled and basically we'll stalling for time because I can't afford to do more than that right now.
one of the beautiful journals I got

But I'm blessed that she is improved from where she was, and hopefully I'll be able to do more for her in the future.

My parents got me a game for the Wii (we have a Wii, but this is the first game of my own I've ever had) and a three pack of these beautiful journals (I've been wanting a new journal. I love them!). Those are fun gifts.  I also will be getting a Nook cover, but we're talking about how that will happen.  I'm blessed by my parents and these gifts.

I got to talk to Ryan for a while. I'm always blessed by him.

I didn't have a ride to my normal Friday night Bible Study, so I facebooked the people of my Bible Study and used the whole "hey, it's my birthday" excuse to see if someone would come get me. It worked! I was able to go.

Bible Study was good. We watched a video, which I have to admit isn't my most favorite thing. We don't do it that often. I like a normal, meaty dive into the scriptures study better... but it was good. And a friend of mine from Canterbury came, one of the ones I hung out with last weekend.  He lives near where we hold Bible Study, so I'd invited him.

I'm very blessed by my friendships in Bible Study and Canterbury too. And I was blessed to get a sweet birthday card from my Friday night family.

On Saturday I got a birthday card from my grandparents along with their gift. I'm very blessed to have them and love and miss them very much. Last year I was blessed to go to New Jersey and celebrate my birthday with them.

On Sunday I was blessed to go to church. My church was having a church wide pre-lenten program instead of normal Sunday School... but my Sunday School class opted out and met anyway. We're going through the Bible. We're still in Genesis. I don't think we'll be out of the Pentateuch, for sure, before I leave for India. I'll be surprised if we leave Exodus.  But I'm fond of them.

Then... the service was incredible.  The big thing was how as a church we rallied around someone who is going through a crisis.  I don't feel like going into details on this public site since I don't know how those involved feel about that.  But it was extremely moving. Everyone had tears in their eyes and were hugging each other for the Peace. I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of this church family. And I'm excited we're starting a new program for getting to know one another. The fellowship, encouragement, and building up of members of a church are such an essential part of being healthy in Christ.

My parents went out for a date Sunday night and I fell asleep wayyy early. My mom woke me up when she got back to tell me they'd brought me back Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster and she'd gotten me yarn for a project she and I had been discussing. More on that later. But I was blessed by both...

I woke up really early Monday (if you can even call it that) and had the biscuits and leftover lasagna rolls from Saturday for "breakfast".  I never got online all day. I'm... on and off in a funk lately. I went to bed early again (though not as early as Sunday).

Today I was blessed enough to wake up at a normal-ish time.

I have a lot I probably need to talk to you about.  I think I'm hiding from it.  But I'm blessed to have this blog. And I'm blessed to have every single one of you who read this.  I honestly am so grateful for each of you.

I am wondering what I should say and what I shouldn't. If I share what I struggle with, am I complaining? If I keep my mouth shut, am I being fake or hypocritical? These aren't things you can answer, dear reader. God will do it though.  I'm struggling with my birthday. Not because I've grown older... but that's all I'll say right now.

Love to you all. I thank God for you all.

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  1. I think a lot of bloggers have thought the same thing. How much of yourself do you let out? How do you not look like a hypocrit? I've learned to just write what I feel and what I feel God has put on my heart and don't worry about the rest.

    And happy birthday :)


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