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It's that time of the week when I take the formal time to focus on my blessings again. God has been good to me.

I'm blessed by friends that want to stay connected despite the beginnings of our scatterings. Yesterday, I went to a Superbowl party with the old Canterbury gang.

I'm blessed by the excellent food at the party.

I'm blessed by all who care enough to give me rides.

I'm blessed that my Nook was finally fixed! Whew, one less concern.

I'm blessed I got to attend not one but two church services yesterday, both at my church. My ride took me to the first service (the 9am) and then I went to Sunday School and then I got to decide if I was going to attend the 11:15 service, or go ahead and leave. See, I was going to spend time in Spartanburg until my ride to the Superbowl party came and got me.  But I prayed and went to the second service. So I was able to receive Communion twice, sing the hymns twice, hear the sermon twice and you might think I'd be bored, but instead I felt doubly blessed.

I was blessed enough to have a chai tea latte for lunch yesterday.

Superbowl party food... except it loaded sideways. And my blog won't let me flip it. Even though it's saved the right way on my computer. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I was blessed to be rooting for the Giants yesterday. The Panthers are my team, so it's not like I've switched alliances, but since the Patriots beat the Panthers the year we did go to the Superbowl, I will not root for the Patriots. And since I also have a few relatives for which the Giants is their team, being from New Jersey, I would probably have rooted for the Giants even if they weren't playing the awful Patriots anyway.

I was blessed to be able to spend Saturday catching up on blogging. I do the "I'm Blessed" posts on the day I post them, always, but some other posts I'll do in advance and publish later.

I was blessed that even though I didn't have a ride to Friday night's Bible Study I could pick up the phone and recount a few prayer requests will confidence my Friday night family will lift them up in prayer.

I'm blessed by the Bible in 90 days challenge I'm doing this week.

I'm blessed that next Monday I'll get to host my first giveaway! Tyndale has made it possible for me to giveaway a copy of Healing Your Church Hurt by Stephen Mansfield which I'll be reviewing later this week (still reading it.) So far it's really good, and I'm happy to be able to pass it on.

I'm blessed by all the reading I've been able to do.

Sophie in her cone, poor lamb.
I'm blessed I found my crochet hook. I lost it on Thursday, and it's been driving me nuts. I tore the house apart for days, and finally decided I was going to buy a  new one yesterday when at 4am on Saturday night when I couldn't sleep I suddenly spotted it on the floor. I think maybe the cats were batting it around because I'm positive I looked there. Oh well, I didn't have to buy a new one, especially since I really couldn't afford it but I also really wanted to finish the baby blankets I'm making Tabby.

I'm blessed I was able to take Sophie to the vet last week... she's on five prescriptions and will have to stay in one of those cones. I can tell it's making a difference. She's really looking better, and I think she's starting to feel better too.

I'm really blessed she is such an easy going dog. She is a breeze to pill. Only two of those prescriptions are pills, but one I have to give to her twice a day and she thinks she's won the doggy lottery to get the opportunity to get peanut butter twice a day!

I'm blessed by caring loved ones who love me.

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