Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book Review: Jesus the Evangelist by Richard Phillips

I was very excited at the idea of Jesus the Evangelist by Richard D. Phillips, a book written to go through the gospel of John and show us how Jesus did evangelism when He was here on earth. 

I found Jesus the Evangelist to be very meaty and challenging. Not challenging like it threatened any of my beliefs, but because it caused excitement in me, ready to rise up and see if I can apply some of those truths. Also, I found the questions at the end of each chapter to be very good. Usually in Christian books with questions like that, they are simply having you repeat back what you read for emphasis. These questions have you really reflect on the importance and possible applications of what is being presented. I only answered them in my head this time, but I have already decided that I will re-read this book in the future when I have more time to really soul search and actually pull out a pen and a notebook.

I was surprised the first portion focused on John the Baptist because of Luke 7:28. Still, I hung in there and found that while I may not have chosen to use John as an example of evangelism, Phillips does and he does it well. It was an unusual choice, but not a bad one.

Indeed, it's not for the questions alone I plan on re-reading this. The truth is, while I didn't need a book to tell me the "why" of evangelism (though that is addressed), I struggle with the "how", and I think there is no better place to find that then in Jesus' example in the Bible.  Indeed, I think I will keep this in my mind as I do Bible reading the gospel beyond John 4.  I definitely recommend this book for anyone seriously wanting to dive into the subject matter.

I received this book free from the publishers in exchange for my unbiased review.

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