Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Blessed

So I didn't do the typical "I'm Blessed" post yesterday since I was posting my giveaway.  But I'm doing it today!

So my first thing to Thank God about is that I'm blessed enough to get the opportunity to have my first giveaway on my blog (if you haven't entered yet, here's the post).

Secondly right now Ryan is taking a test that could lead to a job. We are very blessed by this opportunity and praying about it!

I'm blessed by the love of an amazing man I adore. Happy Valentine's, my darling Ryan!

Third I'm blessed by amazing friends who made my Sunday fabulous.

I'm also blessed by my Sophie dog getting better.

I'm blessed I was able to order glasses this weekend!

I'm blessed with things coming along.

I'm blessed with being able to continue my Valentine's tradition of chick flicks and chocolates (I watched Eclipse from the Twilight saga.. doesn't get more chick flick-y than that!)

Honestly, I'm just filled with love and gratitude for what God has given me. I was blessed this week to see prayers answered and people sustained. I am just soooo blessed by grace and love and encouragement.

Thank you God!!!

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  1. It is so important to practice gratitude isn't it?
    Thank you for sharing.


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