Friday, February 10, 2012

Preparation Thursday

I didn't get to this earlier in the day... and was happy about that when Mom said, "Pam, there's a letter for you from the Department of State."

Yay, I thought, my passport! I envisioned taking a picture and showing you all...

But no.  Not my passport.

A letter telling me to send them yearbook photos in order to get a passport.

Yeah, not kidding.

Despite the fact that I gave them exactly what they were looking for, and despite the fact that a government employee looked over my application and discussed it with me before it was sent off, they say that I've not provided enough proof I am who I am. So they want anything and everything from before 2007 (why? I don't know) that has my name/picture or name/signature. School records. Yearbook photos.

On the top letter they say NO PHOTOCOPIES, only originals.

On the next page they say "Send photocopies of..." and a list. Does that mean I should send them the whole darn yearbook?

People. Seriously?

My  mom is pulling out my "Bus Conduct Reports" and other small fry paperwork from when I was in elementary school and threatening to send home videos because 'they have a date on them'. She's livid.  I guess she's taking it personally because someone is questioning the identity and honesty of her daughter.

Me? I'm just like... Sigh. Why me?

I hate being right about this, but I told you so.  Everyone keeps telling me I have nothing to be anxious about when it comes to paperwork. You probably all thought I was crazy when I wrote this post.  But the thing is, I know. This is the kind of stuff that always happens.

And when I do finally get my passport, then I have to get my visa to India. After the one visit, the second time I go to India we'll have to do the marriage license. That's a bigger deal there, because there's different procedures based on your religion.  And since most of their Christian marriage rules are based on it going through the Catholic church, it might mess up. And then we need to use the marriage info to convert my visa to a more long-term one. Then, if we get through that, we go for my P.I.O, which the Indian version of a greencard.

Just watch. I'll get deported.

Okay, no. Probably nothing that drastic. But seriously! So much opportunity for this kind of thing to happen again and again....

And then, guess what? I've got the dream of being an adoptive mommy.  Ryan and I want both biological and adopted kids. But you know, adoption is allllll paperwork.

Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic in my "oh woe is me."  Truth is I can send the Department of State lots of stuff, and if at least some of it hits the mark, they'll probably send me my passport. (I do plan on contacting my representative.  People told me to do that to hurry along my Passport and I was like "eh, why bother since we're not in a hurry and the passport office isn't backed up right now?" Yeah. Well, Rep. Gowdy's office will be hearing from me as soon as I get this stuff sent off, so that the dear old Department of State will be wading through this and will get a call from them saying, "So, how is our constituent Pamela [my last name]'s passport coming along?")

Well, it could be worse. Read this.

As far as the rest of the "Preparing for India" process goes... not much has happened this week. It was supposed to, but I dropped the ball. I suppose you could say I was using up yarn making Tabby's baby blankets.... but that'd be silly. I did make lists of stuff that will come in my first suitcase to India, stuff I can leave there. I'm first going for a visit, and I figure I'll bring stuff I can leave, start the moving process. So it has to be stuff that's important enough to me to bring, but not essential to my daily life here, since I'll be without it when I come back until when I get to India to marry. Mainly this ends up being decorative and sentimental things.  A few things I bought for my first place. A few gifts from grandparents. Etc.

Love you all.

Preparation Thursdays are about sharing what I've done to prepare for the move to India. Feel free to share what you're doing to prepare what God's shown you.

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  1. Oh...sorry you have a hold up. :( Paperwork is difficult...but I bet it will get cleared up very soon!


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