Friday, February 17, 2012

Preparation Thursday

This week I've mainly prepped in prayer.

Ryan had a job interview and more in the getting-a-job process. He got emails and calls from several jobs.

We still don't know anything for certain, at least so far as I know, as I write this...

So we pray.

My mom, praise God, is a phone warrior. I, on the other hand, am a shrinking violet when it comes to bureaucrats so she's been calling around on my behalf about the passport. We've gotten some answers, we've got some steps to do...

Can the government really need to know the date I was baptized? Are they allowed to care about that?

Anyway, other than that I suppose the most prepatory thing that's been going on has been Ryan and I working on our relationship.

I love that man.

Oh! One fun thing I did was watch a House Hunters International with my mom about a newlywed couple in India. They were in Mumbai, which isn't close to where we are, and had a budget way beyond what we'll have... but it was still fun to look at typical Indian apartments.  Ryan's described them to me, but it was fun to look at them.  Their bathrooms and kitchens are especially different from American ones. They don't have ovens, but instead have gas powered stovetops (you provide the cans).  There are pretty much no bathtubs and the showers aren't really in a defined space in the bathroom (like a shower stall) but instead typically the whole area is tiled or whatever and the showerhead comes out of the wall. Picture a gym locker room shower, with a toilet and sink to the side.  Sufficient.

I'm looking forward to it.  I have told Ryan I expect to get an oven in time (toaster oven will be fine) because honestly, how can you have a kitchen with no baking? That's weird to me.

I've never had my own kitchen.

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