Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yarn Along

As you can see I did a lot of reading this week! I'm also working on baby blankets for my best friend's twins.

I'll start with the reading. I have my Bible in there because I started a Bible in 90 days challenge yesterday, which me and Ryan are doing together over at Oh That Mom Again. I had a huge reading fest this weekend because this challenge will cut into my general reading time (and because I need it after the week I had). 

I'm doing an online study of A Confident Heart by Renee Swope, which I've read before, on her website.

The rest of the books are ones I am reading to review.  I have completed I Am A Follower, Sara's Laughter, and The Eye of the Sword, though I don't have any reviews up yet.  I enjoyed all three.  I Am A Follower was especially wonderful and interesting. I really think all Christians should read it.  Sara's Laughter was a novel about a Catholic wife who is trying to become a mother and finds she has fertility issues. The Eye of the Sword is a scifi-fantasy, and I'm a total fantasy geek. I really loved it and am already hoping I'll get to review the next in the series... though this one hasn't even come out yet, so it'll be a while!

The one on the Nook is Jesus the Evangelist and is a really cool look at evangelism from the formula set out by Jesus in the gospel of John. I'm about a quarter of the way through.

I've only read the foreword of Healing Your Church Hurt. It looks very interesting and I'm excited because Tyndale is letting me give a copy away. It'll be my first giveaway! I'm thinking I'll do the giveaway starting on February 13th.

Now onto the blankets... sadly, they're kind of crooked. I'm not sure why. My mom and I were looking them over trying to figure out what I did wrong. We've come up with a solution: tear out and start over. It makes me sad, but it's only about a week's worth of work, so probably for the next Yarn Along they'll be back to this stage and hopefully not crooked. I don't use patterns, I always make it up, so I was really loving how the white makes stripes.  The plan is to continue as I've been doing (just not crooked) and then when she finds out the genders, make each blanket a unique border. Even if they're both girls or both boys, I'd make them unique so they'd know whose blanket is whose.

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  1. Hello fellow South Carolinian!
    I love that you are doing a 90 Bible challenge, that is awesome! I am spending the year reading Isaiah so that I really know it.
    Happy Yarn Along!


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