Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yarn Along

Just in case you don't know what yarn along is (I realized I never really explained this on my blog) it's where a bunch of bloggers share their yarn projects (knitting, crocheting) and what books they're reading. Since I'm obviously an avid reader and I also like to be crafty, I enjoy joining in.

Last week I shared I finished (temporarily) baby blankets for my best friend's twins. I'll add a border to them according to the baby's genders when we find out what she's having! So this week I started a new project... another baby blanket!  I realized looking at my yarn that I had enough left over to do a new one. This time I'm doing double crochet (last was half double crochet).  No, I don't know what baby will get this blanket; but God does. So I'm still doing out of love.

As far as books go, I'm still working on the Bible of course (doing at Bible in 90 days challenge).  I actually read The Christian Lover pictured above a while ago, but I just got it in the mail... that publisher gives ebooks to review, then sends you print books after you review (I think that's pretty cool; some publishers only have ebooks).  So I'm saying "yay it arrived" and also using it as a stand in for The Donkey Who Carried A King, whichI read this week. It is from the same publisher and I reviewed as an ebook.  It's a cute children's book and so is God Gave Us Love, which I'll probably be reviewing any day now.  The last book up there, The Road to Grace, I'm only like a chapter in so far.

After this baby blanket, I already have another project lined up... and no, it's not another blanket. :)


  1. there will always be babies. and there will always be babies in need of blankets! now you are ready!


  2. Love your blankets, those lucky babies are going to be 'wrapped' in a lot of love. I'm also doing a bible study with the New King James Version, but I think I may take me longer than 90 days.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who knits baby things for a baby I have no idea who it's going to! You're right, God knows! I love the colors of the blankets!

  4. so pretty! what a blessing you are to your friend for making her twins blankets!

  5. Sounds like you've got some good reading material there; and good luck on the blanket!

  6. What a lovely baby blanket and such a sweet gift to give :)


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