Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book Review: The Road to Grace by Genung

The Road to Grace by Mike Genung is a Christian men’s book for those struggling with sexual addiction, especially pornography. Genung is the founder of an international men’s ministry, Blazing Grace, which is aimed at the issues addressed in the book. He tells of his own testimony and struggles very transparently.  He brings a lot of scripture and experience with God to the table. It is a book you have to chew over and process slowly.

Genung wrote a good book for Christian married men who struggle with pornography. There is a small section for wives of husbands struggling with pornography, but there is no helpful content for women who struggle sexual issues, including no recommended resources. While single men may be able to find much of what is in here helpful, the book was definitely written for a married man. Single men were nodded at, but many chapters were written exclusively for married men and the difficulty of purity during celibacy was never mentioned. There is a lot here for Christian married men who struggle with sexual sin other than pornography, but that definitely is the focus. While this is directed at a specific demographic, it unfortunately also covers a far large amount of men in the Church today, and therefore many will find it invaluable.

The book is called The Road to Grace because Genung focuses on God’s grace as the answer for these men. One thing he did was to switch between “love” and “grace” as if they were the exact same word. While God’s grace and God’s love are certainly entwined, I've known many Christians who accept one but struggle with the other. But Genung makes no differential at all. I also thought his chapter order was not well done. I read the first few chapters thinking the book was headed in one direction only to find it was more well-rounded than it appeared. I recommend  if you aren’t finding helpful information in the first few chapters, persist.

Overall I thought it was a good resource and would recommend it.

I received this book for free from the BookCrash program in exchange for my unbiased review.

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  1. Good review. I'm thankful for those who write resources to minister to others. Thanks for letting us know about it.


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