Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Venture

these photos are from campING not a camp, but it works
Ryan getting a job after months of us praying and waiting on the Lord has lifted a lot of weight off of us as a couple... the relieving of that burden has also propelled me forward, lighter of heart, into thinking about my own employment. 

there'd be laundry there, not just trees and rope
And like a light bulb moment it hit me to look into summer camps. Ryan and I have been discussing and we're pretty certain we're not getting married this summer, but instead this fall. This is a recent discussion, only the last few weeks. Before that I thought I'd at least spend part of the summer visiting India, so this never occurred to me before. But now that I have the whole summer free a job at a summer camp makes perfect sense.

and camp food probably a little superior to this
Any normal long term job I would feel strange trying to apply for since I'm leaving in the fall. I don't to be dishonest even by omission and having a job think they're making a long term hire when I'll be gone so soon... but I really need a job! And normal local summer jobs have a huge inundation of applicants which is why I've not often had success before (there are six, no seven now, colleges in Spartanburg). We are not really a tourist location, so there are only a few companies that hire more in the summer, and there is just such competition.
and if I thoroughly enjoy staying here, why not a cabin?

Also, I have a transportation problem. When I had my seasonal job my younger sister was home and we had two cars. Now with her in college, and no plans to come back after her graduation this May, we are down to one working car. My father works around 50 hours a week, with a half hour commute to work. He also works a strange schedule, starting one day at 7am, another at 1pm, so having to work around his schedule really limits my availability...
doesn't this just fill your soul with glee?

But with a summer camp, this isn't an issue. I just have to worry about getting there and back. Once there I can either just stay on site (food and laundry are provided so there's not much reason to leave) or carpool with someone who has a car into town (like if I need to buy toiletries). I am not used to having a car, so that will be no hardship. Indeed, being stuck in the country as I am, what I miss most is people, not stores. So I will have lots of socialization in camp so I'll probably be set.

I was a girl scout for eight years, am one of three sisters (no brothers), and went to an all women's college so I understand the mindset of a girl's camp. I was a theatre major and am passionate about arts and crafts. I adore nature and am not afraid of getting dirty. I have woods behind my house I trekked in as a kid and camping was a favorite activity for vacations. And I really love the idea of a Christian camp, where I could share my faith with the campers.

songs around the campfire... happy sigh.
But I could see myself fitting in with a co-ed, secular camp easily as well. I could be a general counselor as well as an instructor. I am flexible.

So I'm telling you about my new venture. This is a fresh idea, but one if it is to work requires immediate action. This is the latter half of the camp recruiting season. From what I'm reading, pretty much all camps will have all positions filled by mid-April. So I have to be applying actively if this is what I'm going to do...

So I'd appreciate prayers. If this is God's path for me, may I find just the right niche. If not, may He course correct me.

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