Friday, March 2, 2012

Preparation Thursdays

This week we've been focusing more on thinking about our wedding(s).  I've been logging hours on a wedding board and joined Pinterest.  There's not too much I can do, since so much is up in the air. He and I have been talking and think we'll aim for July. Yes this July, though that could easily be moved back. If he can come to America, we'll probably do something here then. If not, I'll go to India for a visit, and we'll only have the one wedding in India.

I reapplied for the company I worked at seasonally because tehy told me they might be hiring around now, so hopefully that works out.

Ryan is still applying for jobs, and we have a plan that will significantly shorten that search. Please pray if you would like to....

That's about the extent of it, preparation wise, this week.

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