Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thanking God

I'm blessed by God daily. I am not always appreciative, but the once weekly link-up helps me, in a tiny way, remember to say thank you to my Creator and Savior.

Thank you, God, for giving my loved ones patience.

Thank you for Grace. I'm sorry I need it so often, but boy am I glad you offer it.

Thank you for Pinterest and that new fun.

Thank you for high speed interent.

Thank you for the encouragement and comfort you have recently provided.

Thank you for Ryan. I love him so...

Thank you for emails. And spellcheck. And trees.

Thank you for Sophie and her cuddliness.

Thank you for allowing me to do book reviews.

Thank you for crocheting.

Thank you for my glasses... please help me find the pair I already lost? (yes... really!)

Thank you for bananas.

Thank you for believing in me and taking me seriously. Help me let your Voice drown out others, you know just the ones.

Thank you for ministering to my heart.

I love you God.

Linking up to I'm Blessed, Thankful Thursdays.
a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. Love your post. Love that you included both BIG and little things. :-)

  2. love this! thank you for linking up and sharing your gratitude for all the little ways God has blessed you :)

  3. this is so sweet! such simple things make such a big difference.

    lovingly thrown together


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