Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yarn Along

I have a confession: I haven't really been working on yarn stuff at all this week. I didn't however post on this last week so I do have progress to share! The mystery project I shared two weeks ago is a vest! I am not done with it or I'd model it, but I'm probably... 65% done? I may or may not have it done by next week.

I just finished reading Finding Our Way Home, a contemporary novel, last night. It was really good and I plan on reviewing it later today. I'm also still working on Our Favorite Sins by Todd Hunter, which I couldn't find when I wanted to take this picture.  And the item below Finding Our Way Home up there is my Nook (in its box) because I'm reading A Taste of Heaven by R.C. Sproul on it. I just started it last night.

The large book in the background? That's my wedding planner! It's called All Things Are Ready: A Bride's Complete Christian Wedding Planner by Amy Hayes and I'm loving it so far!


  1. Oh I loved having a wedding planner. And I loved planning my wedding :-) I didn't do any knitting this past week either, but I did read! I also love my nook, so easy - maybe too easy - to read/buy/borrow books :-)

  2. beautiful color for your vest!!! Happy knitting!!

  3. I haven't done much knitting the past few weeks either. I can't wait to see your finished vest. I've always wanted to knit one but haven't yet!

  4. It is a lovely colour- I hope it is done next week :)
    I love my Nook- although right now I need a new cable for it!

  5. Okay, "Our Favorite Sins" is a title that just cracks me up! Not that we should have favorites, but we all do, and those are always the sneaky ones that are the hardest to root out, it seems!

  6. I loved using a wedding planner as well! Still have mine in fact! What a wonderful time to be planning a wedding! Have fun!


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