Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Birthday and Bowling

You can see I was going for alliteration in that title, huh?

This is a long overdue post, from April 1st when I went to best friend Tabitha's son's Jordan's first birthday party and then hung out with my Canterbury friends for bowling.

It's been a long time, so I'm mainly just going to let the photos tell the story:

it was an ice cream sundae party and this was SOME of the spread!

some of the cute decorations!

Jordan thinks the tissue paper is the best part of the gift!

Mmm frosting...

There were these two ADORABLE five month old twin boys there. This is one of them with Jordan. Soon he'll have twins of his own to play with! (though they'll be sisters)

The Canterbury gang watching the scoreboard

and bowling

this was a random accidental photo I took as I fumbled with stuff in my bag... but it shows that afterward, we went out for Wendy's for dinner. I got the chili.

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