Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm Blessed AND Why I Blog

I am so blessed to do this I'm Blessed post each week. Every Monday I need it.  Or Tuesday or whenever I get around to it, I admit. But when the time comes to sit down and write this, I am always in a position spiritually and/or emotionally where I need to intentionally discern those things for which God deserves praise and thanks. Of course, that is an unending list, but my short list helps me become a better person. Cultivating gratitude as a habitual attitude takes time and discipline. This I'm Blessed weekly reminder is just a small step I can take towards it, but it is a step forwards. And every step forward is an integral part of our spiritual journey, no matter how small. So I am blessed by Gretchen's weekly link-up.

I'm blessed by the blogs I get to read. They really fed my soul today. Earlier I was in a mood I'd describe as "frumpy and grumpy" but now the peace has seeped back in. I had fun reading about new beekeepers' adventures and a trip to the zoo, and the scripture seered into my soul and heart with Jaime's Holy week lectionary series. And my blogging friend Kelly is doing an alphabet challenge this month and her "B" today was blogging. She concluded her post with a few questions including "Why do you blog?" I was blessed as I contemplated how to answer that and I  posted this in the comments:

I blog as a ministry. I blog because it's my work. I blog because if I don't blog I get antsy. I blog because I want to show love to others. I blog because I'm gathering books for a future ministry as well as being blessed by them myself. I blog to spread news. I blog to share thoughts. I blog because I don't want to hide my light under a bushel. I blog because I love to write. I blog because I love to read. I blog because I care about other people's lives so I hope someone cares about mine. I blog because it's my work. I know I said that twice, but it means something special to me. When I was facing just one of many prolonged bouts of unemployment God highlighted my little, private blog and He said, "here is work." And so my blog is kingdom work. I don't get any financial compensation from it (I'm praying about whether or not to change that) but I know God is fair to those who work for Him and if I do it for Him (and I can't lie and say I haven't published a few posts that were pure me, not Him) He will bless it. I have no idea if I'll ever see anything for it here, but I know when I have the perspective of eternity, it won't be in vain. Because it's for Him. And He is everything.

There's so much more that I could add to that, but I'll let it stand. I am so blessed by my blog.

Only you know what's down my path. Wash me clean as snow.
I am blessed by every visitor to it as well. Thank you for them, God, for I know you brought them here for a reason. (Readers, I love you so much. Thank you for visiting. You really do bless me, even you anonymous ones. I'd love if you left a comment.)

I'm blessed by my Ryan, a man who loves and forgives me even when I'm stupid. Please protect his heart against any damage I may inflict in my flailing brokenness. My edges can be sharp. I am thankful for him, God, help me to love your precious son. I am doing too poor a job at it.

I am blessed by my poverty. (Readers, except a post on this soon. I think it will be very good. It's still brewing though, and I want to give it time to mature.)

I am blessed by all the small ways you prepare me, O Lord, for the path you have before me. A path I can guess at, I can think I know, but is truly beyond me. I am blessed that I can trust Your perfect guidance, and I pray for improvement on my end. I love you Lord.

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  1. Pam, I was so touched by your comment, "I am blessed by my poverty." So many times in my life I have felt this too. God is so wise in His provision for us to grow in us faith and trust in Him.


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