Monday, April 9, 2012

Edited: I'm Blessed

I told Ryan I'd make a fuss... because he didn't want to.  This weekend he got his degree! He now has his bachelor's! Yay Ryan!

So many things to be thankful for...

Ryan is starting his new job today. Crazy exciting. I'd appreciate prayers as he acclimates to a new normal. [Edit: Ryan did not start today. They hadn't hired enough people to start training today. We're not sure what's going to happen. Prayers appreciated.]

I am blessed by my family of God. Not only did I have a wonderful experience with the wider Episcopal community of my county on Good Friday, and then go and experience the warmth and interdenominational and generational love of my Friday Family at Bible Study, I had a lovely time at Easter Sunday as well. I went to the later service. We came together for a brunch during the normal Sunday School time (in between services) and then the kids had an Easter egg hunt. They had put some eggs (a little more hidden) in the front of the church and other eggs (just blatantly laying in the grass) in the back, with the idea they sent the older kids to the front and the younger kids to the back... Not that far into it I got the priviledge of going to the front and yelling, "Attention children! The back is now open for all ages!" and watching the stampede. They'd run out of eggs out front but there were only like five toddlers in the back adn they hadn't made much of a dent.  I was happy to watch the joy and excitment in kid's faces.

I love kids. I'm blessed I know some now. They make me happy. The family who gives me a ride to church has an adorable two year old, Annabelle. She knows and likes me now. We were standing in line for brunch and she said, "Hold my hand!" and thrust her hand into mind. She put the other hand in her mom's and was giggling and pumping our hands. So cute.

I'm thankful the eldest daughter of this family is healing nicely. She had appendicitis and had to have surgery this past week, but she was at church!

I'm thankful my friend Lydia's father did not have a heart attack as I had thought he'd had!

I'm thankful for guitars.

I'm thankful for Hindi and learning about it.

I'm thankful for Sophie and being able to care for her.

I'm thankful for this blog and the internet.

I'm thankful for Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, mashed potatoes and peas.

I'm thankful for the amazing spring days we've been having, weather-wise.

I'm thankful for the Bible and the opportunities I've been having to catch up on my Bible in 90 days challenge (not quite caught up yet, but less behind).

I'm thankful for guidance from God.

I'm thankful for cultural insights and learning.

I'm thankful for Ryan's tech savvyness so we can talk and talk even though we're 8,000 miles apart.

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J-ma said...

Congrats to Ryan on receiving his degree! You both are in our prayers.

shushant mojumdar said...

Ya it was so sad to hear that Ryan is still doubtful and have to wait for the Job even I was broken Ya I am praying for him whenever I remember. And I love your way of writing and I was telling Ryan that why dont you write a book. And I am sorry to say but whenever I will start my regular blogging I will steal some of your Ideas of writing specially the I'm blessed one it makes a very thankful man and gives me a chance to brag about God's blessing

Singing Pilgrim said...

Thanks Shushant! I'm Blessed isn't my idea originally. I link up with another blogger, Gretchen, and I'm sure if you start a blog she'd be happy if you would link up too!

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