Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Blessed

It's that time of the week again, where I thank God for my blessings, reflecting on a small sampling of them.

I'm blessed by being able to get online right now.

I'm blessed by my sister Alison's visit this weekend.

I'm blessed by my friendships.

I'm blessed by the blogs I read. Seriously. I love blogs.

I'm blessed by Grace. Again.

I'm blessed by my ability to read. And I'm blessed that I get so much reading material for free!

I'm blessed by my relationship with Ryan.

I'm blessed by potatoes... potatoes are very yummy.

I'm blessed by letting things go... even when I want to yammer on about my grievances.

I'm blessed I get to reflect at least once a week like that, this this "I'm Blessed" post is a weekly reminder for me.

I'm blessed by online communities.

I'm blessed by dancing.

I'm blessed by photography.

I'm blessed by people who love me and persistence.

I'm blessed that I know someone reading this right now will pray for me when I ask saying, seriously, I need prayers for endurance. Nothing huge, but the little things are just testing my endurance.

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