Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My New Hobby

I have a new hobby! And I bet you'd never guess what it is... I've only told Mom and Ryan. And they both think I am really, really weird and it's kind of boring...

But I think it's serious fun!

You may have seen on the news yesterday that the 1940s census was released as public record. I saw it on the national news and the anchor said they'd been trying to log on for eight hours without success because the website was being hit up so much by everyone trying to get on.  So last night I couldn't sleep and I thought, "Huh. Most everyone in America is asleep. I bet I could get on, and it'd be a distracting way to pass time." Of course, I wasn't sure if I'd actually find anything because the news story had said they weren't yet searchable by name, but you could look up a county and sort through it by hand (or mouse, really).

I couldn't remember the name of the website, so I typed "census 1940" in google... and the google ad at the top was calling for volunteers to help index the 1940 census! This is where you take the scanned images and type them in (data entry basically) and this will make it searchable...

So much fun!

Yep, that's my new hobby. Indexing the census.  Ryan and Mom both think I'm crazy and this is very boring... but I don't. I've already indexed five batches. I find it relaxing. I've done data entry before, and actually when I was stressed in college I'd pull out excel and create charts on completely random and unimportant information. This at least has a purpose. And who knows, maybe next season's Who Do You Think You Are? will feature someone looking up an ancestor whose name I recorded.

Also, I am a volunteer. This can go on my resume as a volunteer position and show further data entry experience. Not a bad thing at all.

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