Monday, April 23, 2012

On Girl's Night and Sleeping Woes

Hello blog readers! I'm tired. I had a great day yesterday. I slept for four hours before my adventures. Then Ryan and I talked for a while... then fought. Grr. Right before I was going to go out with Tabitha. We moderately made up before I left, but there was still some discomfort in my heart. It was such a stupid fight, but emotions were high...

Tabitha and I went shopping, then ate Cici's Pizza, then shopped again... We didn't really buy much of anything, but we looked at a lot of baby and wedding stuff. Then we went to the movies and saw The Vow. A great girl's night out... then we went to the bowling alley where her husband and her work to wait for him to get off, and we bowled while we waited.

I got home around 2am. You'd think that having only have slept four hours the night before I'd be tired... but my brain was jazzed up. I called Ryan and found out that apparently he'd called me five minutes after I left the house with Tabitha to try to make up from our fight. We were fine. We spent four or more hours just talking and enjoying each other. I love him so much. We enjoy just spending time with each other... without fighting. I couldn't stand getting off the phone with him! But suddenly it was 6am... and I had to leave for church at 9:40.

So we got off the phone and I took a shower that I had to have. Then I went to bed hoping for two hours of sleep... and didn't get it.

I fell asleep for maybe ONE minute before my alarm went off.

So I got up, got ready, drank caffeine and went to church. Sunday school and church, then home... (Church is always good.) Then home to talk to Ryan again.

So... now I'm typing this up because I haven't posted in a few days. And I'm trying to wind back down. Because I need sleep.

Tomorrow is Ryan's birthday.

The next day he *should* be starting his new job.

I also need to get the passport stuff sent off.

And Ryan had a medical test done whose results we'll be getting this week.

Prayers appreciated.

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  1. I'm a new follower to your blog through the Blog Hop! I hope you have a great week!


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