Thursday, April 26, 2012

Preparation Thursday

Last week I didn't write a preparation Thursday post. No, I didn't forget. But I didn't have much to say, so I decided to just do a Thankful Thursday post and leave this be until now... because I knew I'd have a lot to report this week!

Tuesday was a huge day: Ryan started his job and I sent off all the stuff for my passport "audit".

If you're unaware of the story, I applied for my passport a little while ago. Obviously a passport is a necessary step to prepare to move to India! I have paperwork induced anxiety (and I'm moving to another country? And I want to adopt someday? God help me!) and I was very nervous when I sent out for it. Everyone, including Ryan, was telling me it'd be fine. My US friends are assuring me when they applied for theirs it was nothing.

A week and a half later I get a letter telling me they needed further proof I was me, including records from childhood and yearbook photos. They gave me a four page form to fill out with information like where I was baptized, every address I've ever lived at, every job I've had, etc.

Well I got it all gathered and sent it off Tuesday.  Here's the stack:

(I only thought to take a picture when I was on my way to the Post Office, so I took it on the hood of the car)

What's in that giant pile?

The letter they sent (had my account number, etc so they said send it with it), the four page form plus an additional sheet, old birth certificate (short form and damaged so I couldn't use it the first time), two immunization records (1992 from NJ and 1998 from SC), three standardized test results, first grade report card, a bus conduct report from 1998, high school diploma, college ID, social security card, W-2, and photo copied pages from the yearbooks from 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades plus freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years of college. That's forty-one pages of yearbook photocopies alone!

Hopefully that's enough to say I am who I am?

As I said, Ryan started his job on Tuesday. He's got mixed feelings. He's still going through training (and will be for like another week). The job itself doesn't seem so bad, but his coworkers seem to keep making crass jokes and stuff. It's a new company, and their trainer has told them that after three months of employment they'll consider promotions! So that's something to aim for...

Poor baby, he's sick. He's sniffling and has a cough. We were hoping it was just allergies but it doesn't seem to be... he's got two more days (nights in India, he's on third shift) before he can rest, but he is off the whole weekend. I'd love if you'd pray for him!

In addition some exciting things have also been I finally found out what my blood type is! I hadn't known (my mom told me as a kid, then we both promptly forgot), if you remember, and I gave blood like two months ago. I was beginning to think that my blood must have been rejected when I got the info in the mail yesterday.  I have the same bloodtype as one of my sisters, so maybe we both have a spare set of kidneys. :-P

And my references have all been received by the job I was telling you I want. I will probably be calling them today to check up on that. Prayers appreciated, of course. Also pray I apply for other jobs as well. I've been looking them up and the procedures for applying for these residential summer jobs are all very complicated. And since typically they are done by college students they're like asking for professorial recommendations or something that is hard to track down for a graduate that's been out for a few years now. So prayers for motivation and mainly the right job for me...whether it's residential or I'm supposed to get a local job.

Another way I'm preparing is by trying to get a little healthier. I've officially restarted the Couch to 5K, and also have been doing some other types of work outs. I have also been paying more attention to my skin and teeth and stuff for wedding stuff. Just preparing my beauty for my husband and wedding!

I'm also just really excited thinking about life in India. Earlier this week I read about this family's "China-versary", their anniversary of living in China for a year and how things are different there. And it makes me wonder what cool things I'll get to share with y'all about India? Ryan has told me a lot, since he lived in the US for six years growing up, but he was born in India and lived there for his first decade, so while lots of stuff struck him as different when he moved back, he admits some things probably weren't weird on his radar because, well, he's Indian. Plus, he lived in California when he was in the US, and it was now ten years ago he left, so his experience of "normal US life" was different than my own currently is...

Am I crazy that I'm looking forward to culture shock because it means it's happening?

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