Friday, April 6, 2012

Preparation Thursdays

I wrote this earlier and didn't publish it because a lot sees to be going on which makes this seems insignificant. ButI did write this and I figurd I might as well publish it!

I didn't get to go online yesterday. My mom and I are having a little bit of an internet war. She uses her cell phone as a wireless router. We've got a data limit, and after that it slows down (but it never charges us more). Because it's her cell phone, every time she gets a phone call the internet goes out. She also doesn't like to turn it on. Her phone will die and there goes the internet. And since she often walks around with it in her pocket my internet will get slower and faster (and blink out) while I remain stationary.  Plus if she leaves the house to go to the store or something, I am left without internet. She claims I am using too much of the date limit so she didn't turn it on at all yesterday.

It could drive me crazy if I let it. But I've been telling myself it's preparation for India. Ryan loses power pretty much everyday (especially during winter and summer) so we'll often be talking via his internet and it hangs up on me. Still, there's a back up battery in most homes, and you can switch to your precharged cell phone. So India will probably be more reliable than w The power situation is just one difference between India and here. Another one is the water situation. The water just isn't as clean. In order to use the water we'll have to get a filtering system.

Kitchens in India do not have ovens. Ryan doesn't seem to get that an oven is essential for cooking. I consider it top of the wishlist, but not essential: we probably won't have one when we move in, but I hope to get one within the next six months. By "one" I mean a toaster oven, which would be sufficient.

Freezers aren't always standard on refrigerators. Ryan really doesn't see the need. But I do. And we'll have to buy our own fridge, so he'll be looking for one with a freezer compartment when that time comes.

Indian summers are hotter than here. Ryan's temps are already flirting with 100, while mine haven't yet crossed 90. I think on average it's about ten degrees hotter there than here. South Carolina gets to the 100s frequently during a normal summer, but may never hit the 110s, though it might on peak days.  Where Ryan is, they hit the 110s as often as we hit the 100s. But air conditioners are considered a luxury and ceiling fans have never caught on there. I don't know how they do it! Ryan's family has a window unit, but last year his mom and dad had ac and he had a "cooler" which was sort of like a fan and ice. This year his parents are buying an ac for his room...

One good thing about the fact that Ryan and I will not be able to afford a large home is the fact that one window ac unit will probably cover the whole apartment.

When I cook here, I use a lot of pre-made things. Like last night my mother made a chicken pot pie, which was pie crusts, potatoes, mixed frozen veggies, chicken, and Cambell's cream of chicken soup. Delicious.

And it hit me as I was eating it I should learn how to make that kind of cream of chicken soup from scrap. Because I don't think that they have it there in cans and if they do, it's probably imported and more expensive.

There's a lot of products like that I use. For example, I always use canned or jarred spaghetti sauce... I hate fresh tomatoes. I love canned/jarred sauce and ketchup, but a fresh tomato is gross to me There's a bit e to it that changes it entirely. I'm not crazy I've met others who feel the same way. The problem is, while I could easily find a spaghetti recipe, it'll have that horrible fresh tomato taste. Its something about the being in a jar/can for a while without big chunks that cures that taste out of the tomatoes, I think. But I can eat fresh if i have to, it's just not as tasty. And I can experiment.

As far as cooking goes, I don't really know how to prepare for the most part because I don't know what will be available there. You can't ind as much stuff there as in America, obviously (that's true of pretty much every country besides us. We are into choices).  I know Ryan has mentioned fruits and vegetables I've never heard of... but whether that is because I don't know them or because he just knows them by a different name, but it makes me wonder what will be available. I don't know what kind of pasta they have.

Oh! And the milk! They don't homogenize or pasteurize their milk. So you have to boil it yourself on the stove before you drink it. But it's till not homogenized and separates in your fridge . II wnt to look up the homogenizing process and see if there's a way I can do it at home...

One thing is that Ryan's mom (or dad) don't really cook. They're a take out family. That's so different from what I'm used to... and it means I won't bond with my MIL cooking like I first envisioned. We'll be very broke at first, so we definitely will need to eat in. And I loovveee Indian food, so I'm looking forward to experimentation (My parents hate the smell of Indian food, so it seems rude to start experimenting here).

Since Ryan lived in the US as a kid, he's really looking forward t me cooking some of his American favorite dishes.  Of course, we won't have beef (cow meat anyway. You can get buffalo!) and I am not a big fan of pork  I pretty much don't eat it at all. I just eat some sausage and I'd be just as happy with a different version.  Goat and lamb is available, and I don't really know what to do with that, but I will figure it out  I'd like to have us eat more fish, but he's in a very inland area. Turkey, being a North American bird, is a rare expensive luxury  Chicken is the staple meat... of those who eat meat. Which definitely includes Ryan. most Indians are vegetarian and while I'm not looking to become one, I was telling him I liked that maybe we could save money and cut on cholesterol and only eat meat one or three times a week. And Ryan got upset and said, "But you're an American! Americans are supposed to eat meat all the time!" lol

Speaking of eating healthy, one thing I at least am looking forward to is eating healthy.Ryan and I are both at risk for getting diabetes, so I want to give us an aggressively preventive diet... tailored around out preferences. I've never had my own kitchen before so I am putting a lot of expectations on the fact that I can control my diet fully for the first time in my life.  Ryan doesn't cook, so he'll just have to live with it. :)

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